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Claims to Vote
Electoral District of Christchurch for the year 1863

This is not the final Electoral Roll (we haven't found it yet) and some names were not accepted. We have not included the names of the attesting witnesses. If you should require them please email us at [email protected]

Name Place of Abode
A'Court Samuel Manchester St
Adams Henry William Christchurch
Allan George William Wheatley Rd
Anderson David Clarke Colombo St
Anning Frederick Ferry Rd
Anthony John Emanuel Madras St North.
Amy Francis Montreal St
Ashton John Salisbury St
Austin Robert Cashel St
Avey George A. Armagh St
Baker George Cambridge Tce
Baker Hastings Colombo St. South
Baker William Simpson Tuam St. West
Ballard John Frederick Salisbury St
Bannister Robert Elijah East Town Belt
Barter Eli South Town Belt
Bates George Cashel St
Bates Thomas Tuam St. East
Bates William Lichfield St
Bates William Snr Tuam St. East
Baynes Mattias William Peterborough St
Besley Samuel Gresford
Bear James Percival Ellesmere
Beer Thomas Pope Kilmore St
Bell samuel Colombo St
Berry Thomas Corner Manchester and Peterbough
Beynon John Allan Worchester St
Beynon William Melville Worchester St
Bing Morice Avonside
Binning George Chasel St
Blakesley Benjamin Thornley Christchurch
Blanchard Henry Pridham lichfield St
Bonnington charles Colombo St
Booth James Tuam St
Bowler Fredericl Charles Cathedral Squ, Colombo St
Brett De Renzie Kirwee villa, Countney township
Brett James Lincoln Rd
Brice William Colombo St
Briggs charles Edwin Christchurch
Brightmore William Kilmore St
Brock Donald Christchurch
Brooker George Snr Cashel St
Brooker John Durham St
Brooker Stephen Kilmore St. East
Brown John Ellson Colombo St. South
Brown Thomas Kilmore St
Brunt Joseph Salisbury and Montreal Sts
Buchanan Beverly Lyttelton
Buckley Andrew Christchurch
Burke William Ellison Windmill Rd
Burnell Henry George Cashel St
Burton William Montreal St
Bust Robert Day Gloucester St
Caldwell John Colombo St. North
Callaghan William St. Asaph St
Candy Artemas Christchurch
Champion Isaac Riccaton
Chapman James Tuam St
Clark Charles Colombo St South
Clark John Marton and Colombo St
Clark Robert St. Asaph St
Clephans Thomas Colombo St
Cliff James Christchurch
Collins William Cashel St
Cooks Corbert William 9 Colombo St
Cooper Thomas Durham St North
Corner Edmund John Tuam St
Cowan Hugh Kennedy Murray Cottage, Courtney Twnship
Cranston John Cashel St
Cullen George Madras St
Cunningham Peter Christchurch
Danvers Cecil Eugene Armagh St
Danvers Danby Horton Armagh St
Darby John Edward Gloucester St
Davenport William Harry Hight St
Davey William Wild Christchurch
Davidson Alexander Colombo St South
Davis William Marton St
Deamer William Armagh St
Denham Edward North Town Belt
Dennis Alfred Kilmore St West
Dennistoun Robert Blare Barbadoes St
Ditfoot Christian Tuam St
Doyle Theodore Cashel St
Easton Samuel St Asaph St
Evans David Manchester St
Farr Samuel Charles Christchurch
Faulkner James Madras St
Findley David Timuka
Findley George Madras St North
Fisher William Hight St
Ford Edmund North Town Belt
Ford William Henry Whatley Road
Forrester James Section 980 High St
Foster Edward Manchester St
Fowks Charles Hereford St
Fox John Colombo St
Free Joseph Manchester St
Free Thomas Jnr Manchester St North
Free Thomas Colombo St North
Fuchs Joseph Tuam St
Fuller James Wilder Antigua St
Fulton Robert M. Chester St East
Gaven Charles Albert Armagh St
George Edward Cashel St
Gibbs William Christchurch
Goodyer Thomas Dyrham St
Gordon John Cashel St
Gourlay Henry Thompson Lichfield St East
Graham James Edwin Salisbury St
Graham John Kilmore St
Granger George Withers St Asaph St
Grant James Montreal St
Habens William James North Town Belt
Hadfield Joseph Cathedral Square
Haggett Daniel Manchester St
Halkett Peter Alexander Stonycroft, Riccarton
Hall Henry Joseph Riccarton
Hancock James Madras St
Hankins John Whatley Rd
Harper Leonard Christchurch
Harkness Thomas Montreal St South
Harrison William Wilkinson Armagh St East
Haskett Thomas Tuam St
Hawdon Joseph Christchurch
Haward George Christchurch
Haward John Christchurch
Hayes Samuel Salisbury St
Hayton Edmund Lower Lincoln Road
Henwood James Antigua St
Herdon Jonathan Hastings Armagh St
Herdon Jonathan Hastings Armagh St
Hill Thomas Hereford St
Hillard Thomas George Kilmore St
Hilliker Thomas Montreal St South
Hobson John Bagnall Durham St
Hockley William Cranmer St
Holdon John Lichfield St
Holloway Henry Edward Cathedral Square
Hossack John Cashel St
Houghton Richard Tuam St East
Huhuke (?) Henry Rangiora
Jackman Samuel Salisbury St East
James Charles Salisbury St
Jeffreys William Barbadoes St
Jeffries Henry Byers Peterborough Cottage, Peterborough St
Johnson Andrew mensal Acclimatization Gardens
Johnson Joseph Montreal St South
Johnston John Rural Section 154
Johnstone Harry Bell Fendalltown Rd
Johnston Samuel Jnr Kilmore St
Jones Benjamin Napthali Cashel St East
Jones Edmund Kilmore St
Jones George East Town Belt
Jones Thomas Papanui Rd
Jones Thomas Devereux Section 980, High St
Jones Thomas William High St
Jowett John Chester St. East
Joyce Alexander Madras St
Kerr Thomas Montreal St. South
Kerr David Manchester St. North
Keinbell Joseph Louey Armagh St
King John James Royal Oak Market Place
Knapman William Arthur Papanui Rd
Knight Anthony Christchurch
Kretschmar Christian Frederick St. Asaph St
Lane James Kilmore St
Lee Henry Christchurch
Legg James Marton St, St. Asaph St
Litchfield Godfrey Christchurch
Lock Samuel Lichfield St
Logie James Madras St North
Lucas Thomas Oxford Tce
Mabby Thomas Pearce Christchurch
Main Thomas Lichfield St
Makeig George Andrew Armagh
Maylon Robert Honey Manchester St. North
Manning Robert Barbadoes St
McBain George South Town Belt
McCutcheon George Montreal St. South
McDermott Edward At. Asaph St
McInnes John Tuam St
McKenzie Robert Antigua St
McLachlan Alexander Town Belt South
McLachlan Dugal Colombo St
McLean William Kentish Cashel St
Mitchell William Robert Cashel and Madras St
Montgomery Henry Antigua St
Morley Henry St Asaph St
Mosley Robert Montague Christchurch
Muller Phillip Christchurch
Mullins Thomas Carter South Town Belt
Needham Samuel Colombo St
Nedwill Sourtney Cranmer Sq
Newman William Henry Upland Cottage, 28 town reserves
Newson John St. Asaph St
Niemann John august Gloucester St
Noall Samuel Sheppard Christchurch
O'Neill Hugh Henry Montreal St
Oram George Lyttelton Hotel, Christchurch
Osborne Joseph Oxford Tce
Osborn Thomas Windmill Rd, near Christchurch
Packe George Christchurch
Palmer Harold Frederick Gloucester St
Palmer Joseph Lockleys, Avonside
Parker John Durham St
Parry John Martin St. Colombo St
Pavitt Edward Harewood Rd
Pearse Percival Armagh St
Penberthy Henry Snr Hereford St East
Penberthy Henry Stephen Hereford St East
Pentenly James Madras St. North
Phillips David S. Triangle, Christchurch
Phillips John Manchester St
Piper John Duvauchelle's Bay, Akaroa
Plank John Market Place
Price Thomas Kilmore St
Prins Henry Horsford Christchurch
Purdom Peter Tuam St
Quinn Henry Bacon Christchurch
Raine Thomas Jnr Christchurch
Raine Thomas Snr Christchurch
Rees John Durham St
Restieux Charles Alexander Durham St
Richardson William Madras St
Roe Edward Whately Rd
Rodgers Sampson Henry Windmill Rd
Rossiter william Papanui Rd
Rowe Thomas Christchurch
Rowley John Antigua St
Rowley Joseph High St, Christchurch
Rowely Thomas Griffith Hereford St
Saddler Richard Montreal St
Sandstein marcus Cashel St
Sanders Seymour Harris Kilmore St
Savage William St. Asaph St
Schmidt Peter William Whately Rd
Scott Duncan Macpherson Salisbury St
Sharp Charles Walton Papanui Rd
Simpson Bernard High St
Smith Charles Timuka
Smith Hervey Frederick Kilmore St East
Speechly Robert Racecourse
Spicer Henry Colombo St
Stanley Richard Thomas Armagh St
Stemson Isaac Antigua St
Stevens John Wise Christchurch
Steward William Jukes Leamington House
Stewart John Madras St
Stewart John Henry Colombo St
Stiffe Sydney burrowes Millbridge Cottage, R. S. 6
St. Quentin John Calcott Manchester St
Strange Edward Mancester St East
Stratton David Mancester St North
Swift James Antigua St
Tait James Lichfield St
Taylor Charles Benjamin Christchurch
Thiel Ferdinand Angus Armagh St
Thomas Edward Lichfield St
Thompson John Durham St
Thompson John Martin Cashel St
Thompson Joseph Christchurch
Thompson Norman Planter Christchurch
Thomson George Peterborough St
Todd James Colombo St South
Tracey William Montreal St
Treleaven George Christchurch
Tribe Charles Ludlow Cottage, Peterborough St
Tribe Frederick Caesar Kilmore St
Tribe George Henry Ferry Rd
Turner John Cranmer St
Turner Joseph Cranmer St
Tyson Joseph Madras St
Unwin William Salisbury St
Urquhart Angus Christchurch
Valpy Francis Hopkins Christchurch
Wakefield Edward Jerningham Durham St North
Wallace Robert Kilmore St West
Waterlow Richard Frederick Whatley Rd
Webb John William Kilmore St, Cranmer Square
Whale John Avonside
Wheeler Edmund Richard Colombo St
Wheeler Joseph Mort Five chains east of Madras St North, Town Reserves, Christchurch
White William Commercial Hotel, Cathedral Square
White William Christchurch
Wigley Thoams Henry Christchurch
Whiteside Edward Thomas North Town Belt, Christchurch
Wilson John Cracroft Cashmere
Wilson Thomas Heathcote Valley
Wilson William Madras St North
Wood Robert Haswell Hereford St
Woodham Henry Marton St, between Manchester & Colombo Streets
Woolridge Henry Papanui
Wright Thomas Marton St, Colombo St South
Wright Thomas George Marton St, Colombo St
Young George Walter Barbadoes St, near Cemetery
Young James Madras St North


William Donald

Registration Officer