Electoral Roll for the year 1865 - 66
City of Dunedin

G -I
To save my poor worn out fingers as there are over 3,000 names on this roll all the place names are Dunedin unless stated different. Should you find a relie and need the additional information don't hesitate to email.
H - Household       L - Leasehold       F - Freehold

Name Place of Abode Qualification
Gadzby John L
Gallie John F
Gallon Robert Edward Bell F
Galloway William F
Galt Allan Forth St L
Gamble Robert Great King St H
Gannon Peter Joint L
Gardener John L
Garn Alfred F
Garratt John H
Garrett John H
Garrett Thomas Johnson L
Garsides David H
Garson Joseph L
Gartshore Robert F
Garven Edward Burnie L
Gebbie James F
Geddes George William H
Geddes James H
Geddes Walter George L
Gellatly William L
George Edward George St L
George Edward Christopher L
George Thomas H
Gerkins Nicholas H
Gerrand John Octagon L
Gerrand Nicholas Hamilton F
Gibb Alexander H
Gibb Charles H
Gibb Edward H
Gibb Edward F
Gibb Robert L
Gibson James H
Gibson John F
Gilbert Hannibal Lyne Moray Pl F
Gilchrist Daniel H
Gilchrist Frederick H
Gill Mathew H
Gilles Osmond Horne H
Gillespie Alexander H
Gillespie John George St H
Gillham charles H
Gillies Alexander H
Gillies David H
Gillies Robert 1 L, 2 F, 3 F
Gillies Thomas Bannatyne 1 F, 2 F
Gilligan charles H
Gillon James London St H
Gilmore Alexander H
Girwood David H
Girdwood John H
Given Robert F
Glasgow John H
Glasgow William Thompson F
Glendinning Robert L
Goddin Reuben H
Godfrey James H
Godfrey Thomas H
Godso Edmund Venables Princes St L
Godso James L
Gold Alexander H
Golder John H
Goldar John L
Gooch William L
Goodfellow Joshua Maclaggan St H
Goodman Thomas H
Gordon Hugh George St H
Gore James F
Gore Richard Benjamin Town Belt H
Gosling Frederick L
Goudie William H
Gough Job L
Gough Richard Great King Rd F
Gourlay Hugh F
Gourlay Hugh Princes St H
Gourlay Hugh L
Gow George L
Gow William H
Gowans William F
Graham James H
Graham James H
Graham John H
Graham Robert H
Graham Thomas Sherlock H
Graham William H
Graham William Blake H
Granger James H
Grannan Alonzo H
Grant David H
Grant James Walker St H
Grant James Gordon Stuart H
Grant John F
Grant John Ross F
Grater Henry H
Gray James H
Gray Thomas H
Gray William H
Gray William L
Grayson John Griffiths H
Green David H
Green George Princes St H
Green Henry L
Green Henry L
Green Henry H
Greenfield George Snr L
Greenfield George Upper Harbour L
Greenland Horace H
Greenlaw Walter Canongate F
Greenwood William H
Greer Frederick H
Gregg John F
Gregg William Princess St L
Gregory John H
Greig James H
Greig John Elm Row L
Greig Thomas F
Gresham John Joshua H
Grey Charles L
Grey John Rattray St L
Greive Robert George St F
Greive Robert William S L
Griffen John L
Griffin Peter L
Griffin William H
Griffiths Albert Maclaggan St H
Grinford John L
Groves William Henry F
Growden Henry Princes St F
Gruble John F
Grundy William H
Guest John H
Gulland David H
Gunn Peter L
Guthrie Walter F
Gutteridge James L
Hafvens John H
Hagel John L
Hagerty Francis Lorenzo L
Haggin Peter H
Haggitt Bryan Cecil L
Hagle John L
Haig Alexander F
Haig Alexander F
Haig Joseph F
Hair James F
Hair James F
Hall Edger H
Hall George H
Hall Henry H
Hall John H
Hall John Joseph H
Hall Thomas F
Hall Willaim Cumberland St F
Hallan John H
Halliday William H
Halliday William F
Halliwell Thomas H
Halliwell Thomas H
Ham Jabez Job Walker St 1 L. 2 L
Hamann John Moray Pl L
Hambleton John Great King St L
Hamilton Francis H
Hamilton James H
Hamilton John H
Hamlyn Charles H
Hammer Frederick F
Hammond Richard H
Hammond Thomas L
Hancock Thomas H
Handle Charles H
Hanker Henry L
Hanlon Simon H
Hanlon William F
Hannagan Francis H
Hannah James Ewart H
Hannah John L
Hannah William H
Hard Charles H
Hardie John H
Harding Daniel H
Harding Elias H
Harding Elias Earl F
Harding Joseph L
Harding Lional H
Hardly John L
Hardy Charles Henry H
Hardy Henry Frederick F
Hardy Thomas H
Hargreaves Richard H
Harkness Francis Renwick F
Harlow George H
Harnett Jeremiah Off Great King St 1 L, 2 H
Harper John H
Harper William Andrew H
Harraway Henry H
Harrick Thomas H
Harris Frank Arthur H
Harris George H
Harris henry Godden H
Harris James F
Harris John H
Harris John Hyde F
Harris Morris L
Harris Morris H
Harris Richard George L
Harris Wolff Stuart St L
Harrison Enoch H
Harrison John H
Harrison Thomas 1 L, 2 H
Harrison Thomas Septimus Rattray St 1 H, 2 L
Harrison William Henry 1 H, 2 H
Harrop Elijah H
Harrop William F
Hart Henry L
Hart James Teeth F
Hart John L
Hart John F
Hartley John Upper Harbour H
Harvey Benjamin H
Harvey Charles Spright F
Harvey George William H
Harvey George William H
Hasell Arthur H
Hassell Hugh H
Hassenger Joseph H
Hastie Alexander F
Haswell William Henry L
Havers William L
Hawker William King 1L, 2 H
Hawkey Charles H
Hawlins Edward H
Hawkins George L
Hawkins James H
Hawkins James H
Hawkins Matthew William H
Haworth John Thomas H
Haworth Thomas Princes St H
Hay Alexander Rennie H
Hay David Rennie H
Hay James F
Hay John H
Hay John H
Hay William L
Hayes George H
Hayes Timothy H
Hayman Henry L
Hayward Charles Edward F
Hazeel Henry H
Heads George H
Hedderwick Henry H
Hedderwick Henry H
Heenan David L
Heenan Dennis F
Heenan John H
Heenan William F
Heighway Samuel H
Helmling Peter H
Helms Arnold L
Henderson Andrew F
Henderson David L
Henderson Donald 1 F, 2 L
Henderson Francis F
Henderson George Charles H
Henderson Henry H
Henderson James F
Henderson John H
Henderson Robert L
Henderson Robert H
Henderson Thomas H
Henderson William F
Henning William John L
Henningham William John F
Henningham William John H
Henry David Port Chalmers F
Henry Robert Octagon H
Hensley Robert H
Hepburn Andrew F
Hepburn George Joint L
Hepburn William Wakari L
Hercus George Robertson H
Hercus Peter H
Heron John H
Heron James H
Herriott Samuel F
Hewet George H
Hewitt Arthur H
Hewitt George L
Hewitt John L
Heyden James H
Heymanson Henry H
Haymanson Michael L
Hibbard David Benjamin F
Hickey James F
Hickson John Smith H
Hide Richard William High St H
Hildreth William Anderson's Bay L
Hill David H
Hill Ernest Rowden H
Hill George Heriot Row F
Hill Henry H
Hill James F
Hill John 1 F, 2 H
Hill John Mudie H
Hill Richard H
Hill Thomas H
Hill Thomas H
Hind John F
Hindle George H
Hirsch Gustav H
Hirst Joseph H
Hislop John H
Hislop John Forth St F
Hislop Mungo L
Hislop Walter Snr L
Hislop Walter Jnr 1 F, 2 L
Hitchmagh Richard Barron H
Hoare Alfred H
Hoare Alfred H
Hobbs James H
Hocken Thomas Moorland H
Hocking Edwing F
Hodge John F
Hodge John Jnr H
Hodge Matthew Vere H
Hodge Matthew Vere H
Hodge Robert H
Hodge Charles L
Hodgetts Richard Thomas H
Hodgekins William Matthew H
Hoey James H
Hoey Peter H
Hogan James L
Hogarth Francis H
Hogg James H
Holman Jabez L
Holmes Henry L
Holmes Henry Albert L
Holmes James George St H
Holmes Matthew 1 F, 2 F
Homan Thomas H
Home Robert F
Honnor Henry London St H
Hood David L
Hood James H
Hood James Ramage George St 1 L, 2 F, 3 H
Hood James Wanless H
Hood James W F
Hooper Edwin L
Hooper Joseph H
Hooper William H
Hooper William L
Hopecraft James Stafford St Joint L
Hopecraft Joseph F
Hope James H
Hope Thomas H
Hopkins John H
Hopper William Manderville H
Horden George H
Hordern Thomas William H
Hore Richard H
Hosie Alexander H
Houghton Benjamin L
Houghton Henry L
Houngan Patrick H
Hourigan Patrick H
House Alexander H
Houston William L
Howard George Richard H
Howard James Massey H
Howard Thomas L
Howe John F
Howell George 1 F, 2 L
Howell Henry Stafford St H
Howie William Invercargill F
Howison Charles McAndrew H
Howlison Robert Roslyn F
Howorth Henry F
Howorth James F
Hoyt Charles James L
Hudson Thomas L
Hudson Thomas H
Huggan Christoper H
Hughes Fred H
Hughes George Henry H
Hughes John L
Hughes John H
Hughes Joseph H
Hughes William H
Hull James H
Hulme Edward F
Hume James Lunatic Asylum F
Humphray Frederick H
Humphrey George H
Hungerford Thomas George L
Hungerford Thomas Walter H
Hunter Alexander H
Hunter Alexander H
Hunter Archibald H
Hunter Charles F
Hunter Charles F
Hunter George H
Hunter John L
Hunter John H
Hurst John L
Hurst John Stafford St L
Hutchinson John Edward Great King St L
Hutchinson Leonard Great King Rd H
Hutchinson William Great King St 1 L, 2 H
Hutchison David F
Hutton James L
Hutton Peter William Lees St H
Hutton William F
Hutton William F
Hyman Julius Dowling St H
Hyndman James H
Ick Charles Thomas F
Ick Charles Thomas L
Inglis Alexander H
Inglis William Upper Harbour F
Inverarity William David 1 F, 2 F
Ireland Peter F
Ireland Peter F
Ireland Thomas H
Irvine James L
Irvine Thomas Charles H
Irvine Thomas Cook Bay View St L
Irvine Frederick Henry L
Irvine Frederick Henry H
Irvine John H
Irvine John H
Isaacs Barnard H
Isaacs David Lewis L
Isaacs Jacob Andrade L
Isaacs Samuel 1 L, 2 L
Isaacs Samuel George Jetty St L
Isaacs Sanuel George L
Isaacs William H
Isaacs Wolff L and F
Isdelle James H
Isset David H
Ivens Edger H