Electoral Roll for the year 1865

Electoral Roll for the year 1865 - 66
City of Dunedin

P - R
To save my poor worn out fingers as there are over 3,000 names on this roll all the place names are Dunedin unless stated different. Should you find a relie and need the additional information don't hesitate to email.
H - Household       L - Leasehold       F - Freehold

Name Place of Abode Qualification
Pagan William Regent Rd 1 L, 2 F
Page James H
Palands Robert H
Palmer Arthur Wellington Joint L
Palmer Frederick H
Palmer Harold Frederick L
Palmer Henry H
Palmer Thomas H
Palmer Walter Alfred H
Panham William H
Pantlin Fredercik Walker St Joint L
Park John Brown H
Park Richard Joint L
Park Thomas F
Park William H
Parker John L
Parker Robert Codrington H
Parker William H
Parry Samuel L
Parsons Charles H
Paterson Archibald L
Paterson James F
Paterson James L
Paterson James H
Paterson James H
Paterson John F
Paterson John L
Paterson Robert L
Paterson Peter George St L
Paterson Zachariah H
Paton William H
Paul Henry Hanson H
Parletch Thomas L
Paxton John H
Pay William Huson H
Payman Alexander F
Payne John Smith H
Payton John Powell L
Pearce James Henry F
Pearce William Peardon Maitland St H
Pearce George L
Pearce Richard L
Pearce Robert Silverstream L
Peddie James F
Pellett James H
Penman Charles H
Peploe Frederick Works H
Percival William H
Perkins George Bagley Russell St H
Perkins George Bagley H
Perkins John Henry H
Perkins Thomas H
Perkins William Jnr F
Perkins William L
Perkins William Jnr L
Perriman George L
Perry John H
Peters Samuel H
Peterson Louis H
Petherick Edwin H
Petrie William H
Pettit Edgar H
Pettygrew James H
Peyman Alexander F
Philip John L
Phillips Thomas Joint L
Phillips George H
Phillips George Barnett H
Piffins William H
Pilliet Walter Hippolite H
Pinder Samuel F
Pinkerton David H
Pitillo James F
Pitsford John L
Pizey Henry Filby H
Pizey Henry Filby H
Pizzey Samuel H
Platt John F
Platt Robert James forth St H
Plummer Edwin L
Polack Nelson L
Pole Thomas L
Pole William L
Pollard Thomas H
Pollock James F
Pollock James F
Pollock Robert F
Pollock William H
Pollock William H
Pope John L
Popham James Henry L
Poppleson George H
Porteous Alexander H
Potts William H
Poulter George L
Poulton James Edward Great King St F
Poulston Thomas H
Pow George F
Powden Thomas H
Powell Samuel L
Powell Thomas L
Powell Thomas H
Power Marcus Brown Stafford St H
Power Peirce H
Power Peter H
Power Robert H
Power Robert George L
Power Thomas H
Power Thomas H
Prendergast James 1 H, 2 F
Prendergast Michael L
Prendle William H
Price John H
Price John H
Price William Henry F
Price William white H
Prictor George H
Pring William H
Pringle John H
Pritchard Charles Alexander L
Pritchard Edward L
Proctor George Castle St H
Proud John H
Proudfoot David F
Proudfoot Donald H
Proudfoot George McR F
Proudfoot John F
Provost Edward H
Pryor James H
Pryor John H
Pugh Joseph F
Pulford Henry Thomas Lloyd L
Pullar Alexander H
Pullar John H
Pullman Thomas Princes St H
Purdie Alexander Callender H
Purdie William F
Pyke Vincent Duke St L
Quandri David H
Quail Charles George St H
Quee Robert H
Quick Edmund Edward Colst. L
Quin James H
Radcliffe Daniel H
Rae William L
Raeburn henry H
Rainforth James H
Rainton Charles H
Rainton Joseph 1 F, 2 L
Ramsey John H
Ramsey Robert H
Randell Thomas H
Raphel James Simeon Bell Hill L
Raphel Lazarus L
Rattray James H
Rawlins William 1 H, 2 L
Rayman William H
Raymond Wellington H
Reany Joseph Rattray St L
Redmayne Thomas F
Reed William H
Rees Abraham Charles Stafford St L
Rees John H
Reeve Charles Edmund H
Reeve Charles Stephen H
Reeve Edward H
Reeve Shippard Jeffares H
Reeve Thomas H
Reid Alexander H
Reid Charles F
Reid Charles Nevill H
Reid Daniel F
Reid George H
Reid James H
Reid John F
Reid John 1 L, 2 F
Reid John H
Reid William L
Reid William H
Reith John F
Reith John H
Reive Edward H
Rendle Thomas H
Renfrew John H
Rennie Alexander West Taieri F
Rennie George H
Rennison Henry H
Rex William Dowling St H
Reynolds Alexander F
Reynolds Henry L
Reynolds Thomas Snr H
Reynolds Thomas Jnr Montecillo L
Reynolds William L
Reynolds William Hunter Montecillo L
Richards John H
Richards Robert John L
Richardson Frederick Hall F
Richardson James H
Richardson Richard H
Richardson Thomas 1 H, 2 F
Richardson William L
Richardson William H
Riddell James H
Riddle Walter Smith St H
Rielly Edward L
Riley Hugh H and F
Riley William L
Riordan John L
Riodan John L
Richie James H
Richie Robert H
Roach Edmund Martin L
Roach Edmund Muir L
Roach Frederick Graham St L
Roach George Princes St L
Roberts Alexander Jump L
Roberts Alexander Jump L
Roberts David H
Roberts Evan H
Roberts George L
Roberts John H
Roberts Robert F
Roberts William John F
Roberts William John Princes St L
Roberts William Charles H
Robertson Alexander H
Robertson Alexander Joint L
Robertson Charles F
Robertson Charles F
Robertson Charles L
Robertson Charles L
Robertson David F
Robertson Donald F
Robertson James Upper Kaikorai F
Robertson James F
Robertson John F
Robertson John L
Robertson John L
Robertson Robert J Burnard L
Robertson Robert Miller L
Robertson Thomas H
Robertson Thomas F
Robertson William H
Robin James H
Robinson Joseph William H
Robinson Thomas H
Robson Thomas H
Rodgers George H
Roger Josiah L
Rollins Arthur H
Ronaldson Thomas F
Ronayne William Homan H
Ronsted John H
Rooney William H
Rose charles H
Rose Charles H
Rose William Dowling St H
Rosmolen Cornelius H
Ross Alexander H
Ross Archibald Hilson Helensburn Gr F
Ross David F
Ross David H
Ross Donald F
Ross Donald F
Ross John H
Ross John Joint L
Ross Robert L
Ross Simon L
Rouse Matthew H
Rouse Michael H
Rout Basil Jnr George St L
Rowatt Thomas Joint L
Rowe George H
Rowntree Edward Casson L
Roy James Smith St H
Royse William Stuart St L
Russell Andrew L
Russell Charles L
Russell James H
Russell James F
Russell James Samuel F
Russell John H
Russell John Highman H
Russell Robert Afleck H
Russell William H
Ruston James H
Ryan Dennis L
Ryan John Maclaggan St L
Ryan Matthew H
Ryan Michael H
Ryan William H
Ryan Tomas F
Rymer Thomas H