Ship: 1281 tons
Captain: Nelson
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London 14th January 1873 - arrived Auckland 7th May 1873

The Parsee, a fine clipper ship of 1281 tons, was built at Greenock in 1869, and was originally intended (as may be implied by her name ) for an "India-man". Prior to coming to New Zealand she traded between the Clyde and India, and in the early days made some very fast runs. She completed four voyages to the Dominion, her best run being 84� days to Port Chalmers, port to port. The Parsee was sent out first to Auckland in 1873 with five saloon passengers and 98 immigrants. She sailed from Gravesend under the command of Captain Nelson on January 14, and landed the pilot off Portland four days later. In the channel she experienced very heavy west-south-west gales and heavy cross seas, many which broke on board, doing damage and putting the passengers to discomfort. The wheel was carried away by one of these seas coming on board, the lifeboat was also washed off the davits, the main deck was filled with water, and one of the ventilators carried away, by which the 'tween decks became flooded. the weather having moderated, the vessel experienced variable winds while shaping for the southward. Canary Island was sighted on February 5th, on which day the north-east trades were picked up. These proved fresh, and were carried nearly to the line, but were lost on February 14. Crossed the Equator on February 18, and failed to derive any benefit from the south-east trades, as the winds experienced were light variables from the south to south-east, then north-east and north-west, the former prevailing. Variable winds prevailed to the meridian of the Cape, which was passed on March 25, after sighting the island of Trinadad on March 1st. Her easting was run down parallel of 45deg south latitude, although the ship was carried as low as 48deg when off the coast of Tasmania. On April 6 a strong north-east to north and them north-west gale was encounted. On May 3 Cape Maria Van Diemen was sighted , thence variable winds down the coast, the ship arriving at Auckland on May 6. The "Daily Southern Cross" announcing the ship's arrival stated: "She brings out a fine batch of immigrants, including a number of comely girls."
Source White Wings Sir Henry Brett

Arrival of the Parsee

Name Age County Occupation
Bevan Miss Emily
Hember Miss Louisa
Taylor Dr.
Windsor Mr Henry
Wood Mr Charles
Batron Hannah
Painte Neville P 33
Mary E 21
Maurice 2
Harry Infant Born on board
Pedder J H Chick
Sutcliffe George Admiral
Webb Samuel 48
Mary 18
Thomas 15
George 13
Sarah 11
Elizabeth 10
Arthur 8
John 6
Charles 4
Families and Children
Andrews William 28 Middlesex Labourer
Caroline 22
Sarah 2
Jane 7 mths
Collins James 24 Surrey Painter
Helen 23
Frith Abraham 47 Yorkshire Bootmaker
Eliza 40
Thomas T 19 Trans to s/m
Elizabeth 16 Trans to s/w
Hill Hugh 26 Cornwall Labourer
Emma 25
Nellie 3
Mary Ann 10 mths
Lush Thomas 38 Berkshire Coachsmith
Mary 38
Thomas D 18 Trans to s/m
Mitchell Isiah 29 Yorkshire Woolsorter
Charlotte 30
Joseph 9
Ishmael 5
Molloy John 24 Kings Co Farm Labourer
Teresa 20
Oliver John 38 Surrey Tinsmith
Emma 37
Orbler William 30 Kent Labourer
Sarah 28
Wright John 42 Tyrone Farm Labourer
Ellen 40
Lettitia 19 Trans to s/w
George 17 Trans to s/m
Sarah 16 Trans to s/w
John 15 Trans to s/m
Eleanor J 9
Colonial Nominated
Clarken Peter 54 Monaghan Labourer
Ellen 50
Owen 18 Trans to s/m
Rowe Nathaniel 20 Cornwall Tunnel Miner
Louisa 19
Brice Sarah 50 Trans to s/w Widow. Travelling with Rowe
Single Men
Carlisle James 25 Down Labourer
Connor Patrick 23 Kerry Farm Labourer
Finnegan Patrick 25 Louth Labourer
Firth Thomas T 19 Yorkshire Wiredrawer
Galivan Patrick 25 Kerry Farm Labourer
Gear George 19 Devon Labourer
Hill William 24 Cornwall Labourer
Loan Richard 28 Armagh Farm Labourer
Lush Thomas T 18 Dumfries Painter
McElwain John 24 Louth Ploughman
Slothers William 21 Armagh Farm Labourer
Wright George 17 Tyrone Farm Labourer
John 15 Tyrone Farm Labourer
Colonial Nominated
Barnfield William J 21 Somersetshire Labourer
Bentley James 17 Staffordshire Labourer
Clarken Owen 18 Monaghan Labourer
Fleming John 30 Kilkenny Groom
McGinity James 42 Lancashire Labourer
Mitchell Richard 21 Cornwall Miner
Single Women
Bennett Rachel 23 Roscommon Domestic Servant
Darrall Jane 21 Berkshire Housemaid
Sarah 18 Berkshire Housemaid
Firth Elizabeth 15 Yorkshire Servant
Forbes Ann 40 Inverness General Servant
Foster Emily 20 Sligo General Servant
Healey Jane 18 Bucks General Servant
Lamb Eliza 20 Oxon Housemaid
McMullen Ellen 21 Mayo Housemaid
Sarah 19 Mayo General Servant
Mitchell Emma 21 Middlesex General Servant
Neale Honora 22 Cork Domestic Servant
Owen Sarah 26 Glamorgan Cook
Reynolds Mary A 18 Norfolk General Servant
Ruddell Margaret 29 Armagh Cook
Mary 26 Armagh Housemaid
Smith Jane 17 Oxon Housemaid
Wright Lettitia 19 Tyrone Servant
Sarah 16 Tyrone Servant
Colonial Nominated
Brice Sarah 50 Cornwall Widow
Graham Elizabeth 19 Monaghan Domestic Servant
Catherine 21 Monaghan Domestic Servant
Hyde Margaret 30 Armagh Domestic Servant
Treicey Bridget 24 Cavan Domestic Servant

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