91st PA--origins of the regiment

91st PA--endings

Deaths At least 189 men died during their service: 114 from battle wounds, 64 from disease, 8 from accidents, and 3 in Andersonville.

Desertion 265 men deserted and never returned. Probably about 250 other men deserted and returned voluntarily or were caught.

End of war The regiment participated in the Grand Review in Washington on 23 May 1865. 654 men mustered out with the regiment on 10 July 1865. Another 106 were absent then.

Other discharges Many other men were ill or wounded enough to be discharged from the army; 60 were transfered to the Veterans' Reserve Corp, which had duties like arresting deserters.
Veterans At the end of 1863, the Army realized that most of its troops would be leaving in 1864, because they had enlisted for 3 years in 1861. They therefore offered enticements for people to reenlist, including a bounty (a cash bonus). They also allowed units to retain their identities, and be identified as "veteran" units, if three-quarters of the men reenlisted. In the 91st, 226 to 231 men reenlisted, out of approximately 250. Unfortunately, after their veterans' furlough, many men went absent without leave, perhaps because the regiment was delayed in returning to the Army, and nothing was done to occupy the men's time. For whatever reason, when the regiment did return to the army, more than one-third of the enlisted men were absent without leave: 204 were present, and 156 were absent without leave. Most eventually returned.

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