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91st PA--origins of the regiment

91st PA--origins

Birthplaces Most of the 91st's men were born in Pennsylvania. Probably a bit more than one-third were born outside the United States.

Occupations The most common occupation was laborer.

Ages The average age at enlistment was about 25.

Aliases Probably about 70 men enlisted under aliases.

Organizations The Thirteenth Ward Home Guard and at least two Fire Departments volunteered as groups. The Kensington Methodist Episcopal Church may have been another important source of enlistments.
Family members At least some family members enlisted together, including Colonel Gregory's two sons.

Appearance Men's eye color, hair color, complexion, and height were recorded when they enlisted.

Prior military experience Some men had experience in three-month regiments, and at least one had fought in a war earlier.

Volunteers, draftees, substitutes Approximately 70% of the men in the 91st were volunteers.

Original members Of the first 1002 members of the regiment, 297 were discharged because of disability, 156 deserted and never returned, 128 mustered out with the regiment at the end of the war, and 88 died.

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