91st Pennsylvania Infantry survivor's association

December 1883 meeting

[source: Philadelphia Inquirer, 14 December 1883 page 2.]
[see Survivors' association]

Veterans Unite and Recall the Scenes of That Memorable Day.

The twenty-first anniversary of the battle of Frederickburg was appropriately celebrated last evening by the several veteran associations in this city holding reunions and reviving [sic] the exciting incidents in that memorable but unsuccessful attack upon the stronghold of the rebel forces. After a preliminary meeting at Twelfth and Chestnut streets the Survivors' Association of the Sixty eighth Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, Scott Legion, escorted by the veterans of the Ninety-first Regiment, proceeded to Arthurs' dining rooms, Chesnut street, above Fifth [?], where a banquet was served. There were eight-five members present.

Major Michael Palmer, president of the association, made the opening address, after which prayer was offered by Comrade L. [?] H. Leaborn. A vigorous attack, lasting more than an hour, was then made upon a generously served menu. When the cloth had been removed, Colonel A. H. Reynolds, who commanded the regiment at the battle of Frederickburg, gave a vivid account of that terrible day. He also referred to the numerous contests in which the veterans had participated from the 31st of August, 1862, when they set out for the field, until they were mustered out of service on June 14, 1865, with but four hundred and fifty men on the roll.

Addresses were also made by Captains John H. Miller and Paul F. Whitehead, Comrades Thomas H. Lenborn, Geo. V. Thatcher and others. A telegram expressive of fraternity was received from the Ninety-first Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteer Association, which was appropriately responded to.

One hundred and fifty members of the One Hundred and Fourteenth Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers, met last evening in the hall of Post 18 [?last digit very unclear], G.A.R., Spring Garden street, above Seventh, and elected officers as follows. Present--William Miller, Vice Presidents--William Grow, Charles Randall. Adjutant--William E. [?] Hoffman. Corresponding Secretary--B. [?] L. Myers. Treasurer--A. C. Brown. A committee was appointed to select a site for the erection of a tablet on the battle-field at Gettsburg [sic] to commemorate the part taken by the regiment in that memorable victory. Prominent among those present were General C. H. T. Collis, Colonels E. R. Bowen, A. K. Dankie [?], R. D. Benson and Captains A. W. Givin [?] and George Swartz. This regiment went into service on September 1, 1862, and the battle of Fredericksburg was the first engagement in which it participated. A banquet was served after the meeting.

The second annual meeting and reunion of the Ninety-ninth Regiment Pennsylvania Veteran Association was held at Donaldson's [?], Broad and Filbert streets, Major C. H. Ensnacht, of Lancaster, in the chair. There were about one hundred members present. A committee was appointed to make arrangements for the erection of suitable tablets on the battlefield of Gettysburg, and Major Ensnacht was selected as the historian of the regiment. The election for officers followed. The veterans then retired to the dining room, where a collation was served. The Ninety-ninth Regiment started for the field on the 8th of August, 1861 [?], General Asher Leidy in command, and participated in nearly all of the battles of the army of the Potomac until it was mustered out of service on July 6, 1865.

At Don Walling's cafe, Broad and Penn streets, seventy members of the Ninety-first Regiment Pa Vol. Veteran Association sat down to a well-spread table, with Colonel Eli Sellers presiding. For several hours the veterans, amid the clatter of knives and forks, enjoyed themselves by relating lively reminiscences of the struggle which they had met to commemorate. Colonel Thomas J. Stewart, Assistant Adjutant-General of the G.A.R., was present.

Twenty-five survivors of the Nineteenth and Ninetieth Regiments, Pa. Vol, held a reunion and banquet at Fifth and Walnut streets, Anthony Morin in the chair.

[Philadelphia Inquirer 12 December 1883 page 3]

The Ninety-first Regiment P.V.V. Association will hold their annual banquet at Don Wallings' cafe, Broad street and Penn Square, December 13 [?], at nine o'clock P.M.

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