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91st PA: Gettysburg missing in action

Missing in action in the Gettysburg and subsequent campaign

The consolidated morning report from 28 July 1863 lists 38 men missing in the campaign (presumably since the last consolidated morning report, on 11 June 1863).

Co.28 July 63 reportBatesOther
Asgt Penrose Forsythe
Asgt James Gordontransferred to VRC Sep 1863on 2 Oct 63 reported regained and transferred to VRC
AHenry Gorgaswounded 3 Julyin Philadelphia Sept 1863, regained and arrested by 3 Nov 63
AEugene Chemin in Philadelphia Sept 1863; reported regained 9 Oct 63
ATheophilus Palmerdropped from rolls 9 July
AJames McLoon regained 16 Aug 63
ABenjamin Yeager regained 13 Aug 63
ACharles Willis in Philadelphia Sept 1863
AGeorge Kitchenmandropped from rolls 9 Julyin Philadelphia Sept 1863
ACharles J King sent to Alexandria June 63; still there Sept 63
AYoung [either Lewis Young or Francis Young] Francis in Philadelphia Sept 63
AFranklin Clough in Sept 63, in provost guard, Frederick City MD. reported regained 26 Sep 63
ANicholas Koshland [?]dropped from rolls 9 July 63
BJames Caffreydeserted 19 Aug 62 [sic]
BWilliam Rider [?]deserted 19 Aug 62 [sic]
Ccorp Ambrose Baker returned by 28 July
CJohn Connelly returned by 28 July
CFrancis Cole returned by 28 July
DJohn Caseydeserted 1 July 63
DJames McCartneydeserted 20 July 62 [sic]
EJohn Parks
EJoseph Green
GJoseph Perkins regained 1 Nov 63
GEdward Blanchedischarged 7 Jan 63 [sic] on surgeon's certificate
GSamuel Reed in Sept 63, in Camp Convalescent Alexandria VA
GAlexander Scottdeserted 29 June 63
Hmusician George Black regained 26 Sep 63
HCharles Barkett [?] regained 9 Oct 63
HWilliam Conwaydeserted 14 June 63
HPatrick Donnellydeserted 7 July 63
HWilliam Eagancaptured 1 June 63released 1 Aug 64
HJohn Wood probably in Philadelphia Sept 63
HAmos Heaveland [?]deserted 7 July 63
HPeter Linet [?]deserted 7 July 63
HGeorge Poole regained by 30 July 63
in Philadelphia Sept 63
Imusician Patrick Donnellydeserted 7 July 63
IHenry Cooker
INeinert [?] [probably Jacob Weinert] returned by 28 July

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