91st PA--Philadelphia Home Guard

The Home Guard Organization

['The Home Guard organization', Philadelphia Inquirer, 29 June 1861, page 2]

The Companies in the Different Wards.
List of the Officers.
Reported for the Philadelphia Inquirer

THE COMPLETE ORGANIZATION OF THE HOME GUARD.--The following Companies compose the First Regiment of Infantry of the Home Guard:--Company A, Thirteenth Ward, Captain, Edgar M. Gregory; Company B, Fourteenth Ward, Captain J. M. Bickell; Company C, Twentieth Ward, Captain, E. G. Sellers; [...].


The following is a list of the Companies of the Home Guard, in the different Wards of the city:--

FIRST WARD--Ellsworth Guard--Captain, John D Lentz; [...] Second do [sc. Lieutenant], David H. Lentz; [...]; 106 men. Armory, Eleventh and Anita streets.



Home Guard--[...] First Sergeant, B. J. Tayman; [...]



Young Guard, Infantry, Company E, First Regiment; Armory Third and Willow; 100 men.--[...] Fourth do. [sc. lieutenant], Peter D. Keyser; [...]

THIRTEENTH WARD.--Infantry--Company A, First Regiment.--Capt. Edgar M. Gregory; First Lieut, F. B. Gilbert; Second do, A. Hamburg; Third do. Leonard Myers; Fourth do., De Witt C. Moore; Quartermaster, Mr. Wm. Chapman, jr; First Sergeant John J Heister; Second do, Russell Ward; Third do., Peter A. Sass; Fourth do., D. A. Busby; First Corporal, Randolph M. Smith; Second do, John F. Isard; Third do., George W. Warner, Jr; Fourth do., Richard S. Cline. Armory, Eighth and Callowhill--124 men.


TWENTIETH WARD--Putnam Guards, First Regiment--Captain, Eli G. Sellers; [...]


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