91st PA--Camp Chase

Camp Chase at Gray's Ferry

[source: 'Camp Chase at Gray's Ferry' Philadelphia Inquirer 19 October 1861 page 8]

CAMP CHASE AT GRAY'S FERRY.--Camp Chase, the encampment of Colonel E. M. GREGORY, is situated on the Darby road, a quarter of a mile distant from Gray's Ferry bridge. This regiment has now been encamped at this beautiful spot for about six weeks, and under their officers are attaining a high degree of discipline and a soldier-like appearance. The camp, in the absence of the Colonel and Lieutenant-Colonel, is under the command of Major G. W. TODD, an officer who has seen some service.

This regiment is a consolidation of Colonel GREGORY'S and Col. WALLACE'S, they having joined to get the sooner into the field, Col. GREGORY being given the command.

The spot selected for the camp is very finely chosen, a large level field being used to great advantage for drilling.

There are about 700 men in camp, all healthy, and who will make fine troops, with a little more experience. Of these, four companies are armed with the old flint lock musket, altered into percussion. There are four companies entirely full, the rest are over half full, one or two being nearly up to the standard.

To Philadelphia belongs the honor of this fine regiment, every man of them having been recruited in the city. They expect to leave in about three weeks.

The men rise at daybreak, when they breakfast, after which they are drilled by squads for an hour. Then comes the company drill at 11 A.M., after which dinner is served, and at 2 P.M., they are again drilled by squads, when the drum calls them to company drill. They are then free from all duty, except keeping guard until 9 o'clock, when they retire to rest for the night.

The Major and Lieutenant-Colonel are from the old Scott Legion, having been with the three months men, and also have seen service on the plains of Mexico.

The camp is daily visited by hundreds of persons, a very fair proportion being ladies. The officers have not all been appointed; those that have we place before the public:--

Colonel, E.M. GREGORY; Lieutenant-Colonel, E. E. WALLACE; Major, G. W. TODD; Quartermaster, GEO. W. EYRES.

Company A--Captain, F. B. Gilbert; First Lieutenant, F. A. Gregory; Second Lieutenant, -- Hamburg.

Company B.--Captain, -- Bowman; First Lieutenant, -- Keyser; Second Lieutenant, A. Gregory.

Company C--Captain, Peter D. Keyser; First Lieutenant, James Sulger; Second Lieutenant, A. Parsons.

Company D--Captain, Jos. Sinex; First Lieutenant, -- Drihl [sic]; Second Lieutenant, -- Faust.

Company E--Captain, John D. Lentz; First Lieutenant, -- Hall; Second Lieutenant, David Lentz.

Company F--Captain, A. C. Fetter; First Lieutenant, E. Philips; Second Lieutenant, -- Weeks.

Company G--Captain, -- Sellers; First Lieutenant, -- Closson; Second Lieutenant, H. W. Shipley.

Company H--Captain, Charles Brown; First Lieutenant, Edward L. Poalk [sic]; Second Lieutenant, -- Black.

Company I--Captain, John F. Carie; First Lieutenant, -- Murphy; Second Lieutenant, -- Eyre.

Company K--Captain, -- Casner; First Lieutenant, -- ; Second Lieutenant, --.

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