91st PA--supplies


['Acknowledgement', Philadelphia Inquirer 25 November 1861 page 8]
[see Medical care]

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT.--We cheerfully publish the following acknowledgement:--
PHILADELPHIA, November 31st, 1861 [sic].

EDITORS INQUIRER--Gentlemen:--Through your columns I desire to acknowledge the receipt of a large case of bandages, linen, muslin, lint, pads, fracture dressings, &c., &c., presented by the ladies of the "Union Relief Association," of this city, for the use of Medical Department of the Ninety-First Regiment P.V., Col. E M. GREGORY, commanding.

The articles sent were much needed, and were most acceptable.

The ladies will please receive our thanks.

J. D. KNIGHT, Surgeon Ninety-first Reg't.

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