91st PA--Camp Chase

Camp Chase

['Camp Chase', Philadelphia Inquirer 30 November 1861]

CAMP CHASE.--The Ninety-first Regiment P.V., E. M. GREGORY, Colonel, are now under marching orders for the seat of war. The names of over 800 men are enrolled. The regiment was accepted by the Governor on the 2d August, and on the 20th the first man was mustered into the service of the United States. The Governor telegraphed on last Tuesday to inquire when the regiment could be ready, and received for an answer, "Next Monday or sooner if necessary." Prior to their departure the Governor will present to the regiment a stand of colors. The officers and men alike are anxious to be off. Since the establishment of the camp the strictest military discipline has been observed, squad drill being held ever [sic] day from 8 to 9 o'clock, and company and battalion drill from 10 1/2 to 12, and also at 3 1/2 o'clock. A dress parade takes place at 4 1/2 o'clock P.M., &c. A pleasing incident occurred on Wednesday evening worthy of notice. Mr. HARMER, a resident in the neighborhood of the encampment, on the Darby Road, in token of his appreciation of the regiment, gave a splendid supper at his house, to which he invited all the commissioned officers. On one side of the room was placed an American flag, bearing the inscription "1776," containing the thirteen stars. This flag was carried by one of the Pennsylvania regiments through the Revolution, while on the other side of the apartment was the present flag, containing thirty-four stars. Dr. McCLELLAN, brother to General McCLELLAN, was one of the guests of the evening. After supper speeches were made by Dr. McCLELLAN, Col. GREGORY, Rev. Jos WELSH, and other officers. The regiment will change their present arms for the improved Springfield rifle musket.

The following is a correct list of the officers:--

Lieutenant-Colonel--E. Wallace.
Major--George W. Todd.
Adjutant--B J. Tayman.
Quartermaster--G. W. Eyre.
Chaplain--Rev. Joseph Welsh.
Surgeon--J. D. Knight.
Assistant Surgeon--Charles Hough [sic].
Quartermaster Sergeant--John Dyke.
Commissary Sergeant--F. B. Miller.
Hospital Steward--P. C. Elberti.

Line Officers:--Company A--Captain, F. C. Gilbert; First Lieutenant, F. H. Gregory; Second Lieutenant, Ansel Hamburg.

Company B--Captain, A. H. Bowman; First Lieutenant, Morris Kayser; Second Lieutenant, J. A. Gregory.

Company C--Captain, P. D. Keyser; First Lieutenant, James E. Sulger; Second Lieutenant, T. H. Parsons.

Company D--Captain, Joseph Sinex; First Lieutenant, J. B. Diehl; Second Lieutenant, H. B. Faust.

Company E--Captain, J D Lentz; First Lieutenant, Matthew Hall; Second Lieutenant, D. H. Lentz.

Company F--Captain, A. C. Fetter; First Lieutenant, J. H. Weeks; Second Lieutenant, E J. Philips.

Company G--Captain E. G. Sellers; First Lieutenant, J. H. Closson; Second Lieut., H. W. Shipley.

Company H--Captain, C. S. Brown; First Lieutenant, Geo. Black; Second Lieutenant, Charles Henry.

Company I--Captain, John P. Cary; First Lieutenant, Geo. Murphy; Second Lieut., Benj. B. Eyre.

Company K--Captain, F. I. Cassner [sic]; First Lieutenant, J. T. Matlack; Second Lieutenant, Wm. R. Milligan.

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