91st PA--colors presentation, December 1861

Colors presentation, December 1861

[source: Philadelphia Inquirer 13 December 1861]

FLAG PRESENTATION.-A large crowd of people was attracted Wednesday afternoon [sc. 11 December 1861] to the encampment of Col. GREGORY'S Regiment, to witness the ceremony of the presentation of a stand of colors to the Ninety-First Regiment, P.V., by some of its friends and admirers in the city. This fine regiment is now on the eve of departure for the seat of war. The Colonel has just returned from Washington, where he has been successful in getting for his regiment the Enfield rifle, with sword bayonet. The presentation speech was made by Maj LEONARD MYERS, of the First Regiment Home Guard, which was as follows:--

"Col. GREGORY and men of the Ninety-first Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers: You are about to leave your homes upon a holy mission, with the inspired hearts of nerved [?] men, in upholding the honor and existence of the freest Government upon earth, now assailed by traitors at home, who, viper like, sting the hand that has warmed it into life. But one year ago all was happiness and peace. We were then a people prosperous and united. All bowed to the will of the majority and of just law. Every one of us was then prouder than the Romans of old of having a name and that name was that of being an American citizen. Peace and plenty then smiled upon us but we are now engaged in mortal conflict.

This has passed into history, and history will record no viler conspiracy and fouler delusion. He then spoke of the vile heresy of Secession, and concluded by addressing the volunteers thus:--

Soldiers of the Ninety-first Volunteers; Volunteers of the Union:--Your friends and neighbors appreciate what you have foregone, and we appreciate the trials you have to undergo in the sacred cause. All are anxious for your welfare, and I am sure all will go forward to victory.

Col GREGORY then responded in a few remarks, in which he spoke of the place where our present flag was first thought of--in the Hall of Independence; and that it was born under the old cracked bell, with the inscription upon it "To proclaim liberty to all the land and to all the inhabitants thereof." He also said that in parting from this city, his officers and men, as well as himself, leave their families and all that he asked was that the sympathy of their friends should be accorded to them, and that they would call upon God for mercy, that he may bless the regiment. Col. GREGORY said in conclusion that the men of this regiment will never ground their arms until this unholy war ends in a complete triumph and an honorable peace that will redound to the honor of our flag.

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