91st PA in February 1862

February 1862

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The 91st was attached to the defenses of Washington throughout this month, and had duty in Washington DC. [Dyer, v.3 p.1604]

? Francis O Dell was promoted to sgt, co E
James Todd (I) wrote a letter to his mother
1 Peter Kreamer enlisted in co. B at Philadelphia PA
2 see 'Letter from the 91st'
3 William H Geary discharged from K 95 PA Infantry
4 John Jauss (A) discharged at Camp Stanton, on surgeon's certificate, by order of Gen Geo B Clellan
8 William Johnson (K) (and presumably others!) were paid; he received two months' pay ($34)
James Todd (I) apparently was not paid
10 Henry Fry (E) deserted in Philadelphia PA
Adolph Bankerd mustered in 62nd PA
11 William H Johnson (K) wrote a letter to his parents from Camp Stanton
Henry Mathers (E) wrote a letter to his mother, from Washington, sending $20 with Alderman Lentz
13 James Fitzsimmons enlisted in 62nd PA
14 Thomas Birmingham mustered in co B
George Johnson mustered in co B at Philadelphia PA
Chaplain Welch acknowledged receiving various donated supplies [see 'Ninety-first Pennsylvania Regiment', Philadelphia Inquirer 14 February 1862, page 8]
Edward J Doolittle (H 9th NY Cav) was certified disabled by nostalgia, but the discharge wasn't completed
15 Daniel Smith enlisted in co. B, at Philadelphia PA
William Roberts (D) discharged on surgeon's certificate at Washington DC (perhaps 16 Feb 65)
Thomas Albertson (E) died in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, of typhoid fever (possibly 20th)
17 James Gilliland (F) died, Philadelphia PA, by drowning (possibly 20 Nov 61)
19 William Willis (E) died of apoplexy (or possibly typhoid fever) in his tent at Camp Stanton, Washington DC (possibly 21 Feb instead), observed by captain John D Lentz
20 Thomas Albertson (E) died in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, of typhoid fever (probably 15th)
Richard Earl (F) died at Camp Stanton, of measles
21 William Willis (E) died of typhoid fever (or apoplexy) at Washington DC (probably 19th instead)
General McClellan issued orders about provost marshalls
Eugene Chambers mustered in co K
22 Charles Bournonville (C) absent on sick leave
Aaron Fetzer (F) died in Columbia Hospital, Washington DC, of typhoid fever
John H Douglass mustered in 3rd NY Artillery
Charles Brown (H) resigned (possibly 4 Mar or 5 Mar)
Amos Heaveland (K) transferred to co.H (perhaps 24 Dec 61)
25 Augustine Montgomery (E) promoted to corp, replacing Francis O Dell
Samuel Burns (E) promoted to corporal, replacing Michael Snyder
26 George Johnson and Daniel Smith (B) joined regiment from regimental recruiting rendezvous
James Rodgers (B) deserted, at Philadelphia PA
Samuel Mason (B) deserted, at Philadelphia PA
Paschal Sterling (B) deserted, at Philadelphia PA
28 Company A was ordered to duty at the Old capital prison in Washington DC.
Company E was ordered to duty in Washington DC for patrol.
at least company I was mustered for pay (see letter, James A Todd to mother, 1 March 1862)
E Banker withdrew from being matron of the 91st's hospital, with consent
[Bates, p.186]

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