91st PA in February 1862

February 1862

[source: Philadelphia Inquirer, 14 February 1862, page 8]

NINETY-FIRST PENNSYLVANIA REGIMENT.--The Chaplain of the regiment, Rev. JOS. WELCH, returns thanks to the Ladies' Aid Society of the First M.E. Church, of Germantown, in the name of his regiment, for the following articles:--11 night shirts, 10 pairs drawers, 10 bed quilts, 6 pairs knit stockings, 1 blanket, 5 pairs slippers, 4 bed ticks, 15 pillow slips, 20 pillows, assorted; 6 towels, 4 sheets, 4 wrappers, 10 papers corn starch, 1 bag dried peaches, 1 paper rice flour, 1 bag dried prunes, 8 papers farina, 1 bag farina crackers, 4 papers cocoa, 5 bottles wine, 2 1/2 dozen lemons, 4 jars currant jelly, 1 jar strawberries, with a collection of books, tracts, and papers. He also returns thanks to Dr. C. E. CADY, for a supply of vaccine virus.

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