91st PA: orders, 1 March 1862

Orders, 1 March 1862

[source: company E order book]

Head Quarters City Guard
Provost Marshals Office
Washington D. C March 1st /62
Captain [sc. John Lentz]

You Will Relieve the Guard at Anacostia Bridge immediately upon receipt of this Order With a subaltern [?] Officer and two Noncommissioned Officers and Six Men. The subaltern [?] Officer sent With the Relief Guard and the sergt now upon Duty Will remain until further Orders. The men Will take twenty-four hours Cooked Rations With them at the expiration Of which time unless Relieved they will be furnished with Cooked Rations for twenty-four hours more additional from your Camp

Very Respety
Jos [?] Chiless [?]
Lieut Col 4" Penn Cav [?]
Deputy Provost Marshal

Capt. Letz [sic; sc. Lentz]
Co E 91st P.V.
Comdg Battalion Provost Guard

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