91st PA--orders, 8 May 1862

Orders, 8 May 1862

[source: company E orders book]
[see general order 49, 11 September 1862, for later orders about instruction]

Head Quarters 91st Regt P.V.
Camp Stanton Washington D.C. May 8th /6[2]
General Order No 18

I The Commissioned officers will assemble at the Regimental or detachment Head Quarters for recitation in Tactities [sic] and regulations to the Colonel or Commanding daily at two O clock P.M.

II There will two [sic] daily drills of one hour and a half each Consisting of that portion of the Tactics which Consitute[d] the subject matter of the last recitation. one of the daily drills Shall be in the "School of the Company" and the other in the "School of the Batallion [sic].

III The non commissioned officers will assemble daily at nine O Clock A.M. for recitation in Tactics to the Adjutant

[Thomas Walter refers to this training at Grand Army Scout and Soldier's Mail volume 3, number 35, page 2]

IV No man will be excused from duty unless excused by the Surgeon at Sick Call except by written request of the Captain of his Company approved by the Commanding officer and those marked absent without leave will be reported and punished

V Charges will be prefered [sic] against officers who excuse men in violation of this order

VI A report will be made from these Head Quarters every Saturday Showing the pressence [sic] or absence and the proficiency of every officer at the recitations for the week just past

VII The Gaurds [sic] will be inspected at least twice a day or oftener [sic] if necessary by the Field officer of the day

VIII Officers Commanding detachments on duty in the City are requested to give Special and particular attention to the police of quarters and to the Condition of their men taking care to see that their arms accoutrements and clothing are in the neatest possible order. They will instruct their men in the salutes and see that they are properly made.

IX The deportment of Both officers and men towards civilians is required to be of the most Courteous and obliging character consistent with the rigid enforcement of this order.

X This order will be read at the Head Quarters of each Company for ten days Consecutive from the date of its receipt

By order of
E. M. Gregory
Col Commanding
B. J. Tayman

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