91st PA in July 1862

Discreditable and false statements

[source: 'Ninety-first Pennsylvania Regiment'. Philadelphia Inquirer, 11 July 1862, page 2]
Ninety-first Pennsylvania Regiment,

Whereas, information has been received here that sundry parties have been reporting statements discreditable to this regiment, and more especially to its commander, which are utterly false, we, the commissioned officers of said regiment, have thought fit to publish this card, that our friends and the public may be assured of the falsity of those assertions.

It is asserted by those parties and other enemies of the regiment that there is a feeling among the commissioned officers which prompts them to almost open mutiny, and that the regiment is reduced to four hundred men. Also, that the Colonel of the regiment is exceedingly harsh and unjust in punishing those of his own command, and that he is exceedingly and unwarrentably lenient to those of the enemies of our country with whom his duties bring him in contact.

Of the falsity of the first charge, this card itself is proof, as it originated from a unity of feeling among the officers, which would not be if the feeling was such as has been represented.

The number of men accounted for in our consolidated morning report is (709) seven hundred and nine.

Of the third assertion, which charges Colonel GREGORY with injustice, we think it is hardly necessary to say anything, as we believe the Colonel's friends are all aware of his fine feelings and able discrimination. As to what is asserted last, we would that those Secesh who have "felt his leniency" were with you, that they might give you such testimony as would satisfy you that they "travel a hard road" while in his hands.

And finally, we venture to assert that we believe there is no regiment in the service whose officers agree better, or have less difference of opinion.

Lieutenant-Colonel Edward E. Wallace,
Major George W. Todd,
Adjutant B. J. Tayman,
Surgeon J. D. Knight,
Assistant Surgeon Chas. W. Houghton,
Quartermaster Geo. W. Eyre,
Chaplain Joseph Welch,

Captains--Joseph H. Sinex, Co. D; John D. Lentz, Co. E; F. B. Gilbert, Co. A; A. C. Fetters, Co. F; E. G. Sellers, Co. G; A. H. Bowman, Co. B; John F. Casner, Co. K; Charles Henry, Co. H; John J. Carrie, Co. I.

First Lieutenants-- Matthew Hall, Co. E; James E. Sulger, Commanding Co. C; James B. Diehl, Co. D; George Murphy, Co. I; Morris Harper [sic], Co. B; John F. Weeks, Co. F; Lewis T. Matlack, Co.K; James H. Closson, Co. G; Frank H. Gregory, Co. A; George Black, Co. H.

Second Lieutenants-- David H. Lentz, Co. E; Theodore H. Parsons, Co. C; Horace B. Faust, Co. D; B. B. Eyre, Co. I; Howard W. Shipley, Co. G; J. A. Gregory, Co. B; R. M. Smith, Co. A; John Q. Dyke, Co. H; Wm. R. Milligan, Co. K; Enoch C. Brewster, Co. F.

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