91st PA--orders, 11 September 1862

Orders, 11 September 1862

[source: company E orders book]
[see general order 18, 8 May 1862, for earlier orders about instruction]

Head Quarters 91st Regt P.V.
Camp Wipple Va Sept 11th 1862
Gen Order No 119 [sic; presumably the copyist misread a '4' as '11']

I In obedience to Gen order from Brigade Head Quarters a School for the instruction of Commissioned officers will be established and for that purpose will assemble at Cols Head Quarters daily at 2 O clock P.M.

II Commanders of Companies will at once take measures to have their Commands supplied with numbers and letters. special attention is directed to Parag 115 Page 23 revised Regulations for the army

III The non Commissioned officers will assemble each [alter]nate day at 9 O clock A. M. for instruction and drill as usual.

IV The most flagrant neglect of Gaurd [sic] Duty preceptible [sic] to the most careless observer. Gaurds [sic] can be seen sitting on their posts. leaning upon their Guns and assuming the most unsoldierly attitude while on duty this must be Corrected at once and officers will be held responsible for the manner in which their men discharge their duty
It is the pride of every true soldier to know his duty and do it well while the indolent and Shiftless find it more Congenial to their feelings to spend their time in grumbling and complaining of their hard fate

[Since the regiment left garrison duty in Washington and Alexandria only on 21 August 1862, soldiers were presumably not used to conditions in the field.]

By order of
E M Gregory
Col Com
B. J. Tayman

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