91st PA in October 1862

October 1862

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Throughout this month, the 91st was in the First Brigade, Third Division, Fifth Army Corps, Army of the Potomac, and had duty at Sharpsburg Maryland. [Dyer, v.3 p.1604]

? Sometime between the 17th and the 30th, the 91st was on picket duty at Antietam Bridge for several days. [Walter, v.3 #36 p.2]
?Franklin Clough (A) tried by court martial
?John N Hawks alias James Clark (D) treated for rheumatism
2 Jacob Cameron mustered in co. A
3 William Cook (G) discharged at Alexandria VA on surgeon's certificate
James Sunderland (G) discharged on surgeon's certificate at Alexandria VA
4 Daniel Lohr enlisted in co. B [?] 53rd PA Inf
5 William Myers (K) discharged on surgeon's certificate (perhaps 15th)
John Toland (K) discharged on surgeon's certificate
William Wiley (K) discharged on surgeon's certificate (perhaps 6 Jan 63)
6 Alexander Shrader mustered in 165th PA
7 George Pollard (B) deserted
regimental inspection (general order 50, HQ 91st PA)
new schedule issued (general order 51, HQ 91st PA)
8 Franklin Clough (A) tried by court martial
Patrick Campbell (C) deserted, near Washington DC
Michael Drew (C) deserted, near Washington DC
Charles Evans (C) may have deserted at Alexandria, VA (but I suspect the report is a mistake)
William G Stewart (C) deserted at Alexandria, VA
Abel Deihl (F) deserted from camp near Sharpsburg MD [may have been 8 Sep 1862]
John Mann (H) deserted at Sharpsburg VA
9 William Kirkpatrick (F&S) discharged by general order
Abram V Bancker (F&S) discharged by general order
10 JB Kaeplinger mustered in co K
Daniel Leidheiser mustered in co K
Charles Wieland mustered in co K
11 Thomas Crozier (H) promoted vice Brown
12 William E Michael (F) promoted to 2nd lt (perhaps 16th)
13 Jesse Connard enlisted in co. C at Philadelphia by Lt Justus A Gregory
14 John West (D) discharged on writ of habeas corpus (perhaps 14 October 1861?)
Joseph F Campbell (E) discharged on surgeon's certificate
15 Skirmishes at Kearneysville and Shepherdstown, 15-16 Oct. [Dyer, v.3, p.1604]
William Myers (K) discharged on surgeon's certificate (perhaps 5th)
James Smith enlisted in co B at Philadelphia PA by J A Gregory
16 Reconnaissance to Leestown, West Virginia, 16-17 October, including a skirmish at Shepherdstown, 16 October.
The Third Division (Gen. Humphreys) and part of the Second Division crossed the Potomac and made a reconnaissance up the Valley, in the direction of Kearneysville, Leetown, and Smithfield. The brigade, commanded by Col. Gregory left the camp, near Sharpsburg, at daylight. Several regiments of regular troops preceded them; they were in reserve. JEB Stuart resisted their advance two miles beyond Shepherdstown. The reconnaissance force drove them to 1/2 mile past Kearneysville (6-1/2 miles past Shepherdstown), where the Confederates were reinforced. In the afternoon, the regiment halted for an hour. Some men found a dozen large jars of preserves in a nearby farmhouse, and the regiment enjoyed them. About sunset the Union forces drove the Confederates from their position. The Confederates ended across the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Because Humphreys had not heard from Hancock, who was supposed to be on his left, they marched 1 mile back toward Shepherdstown, with rain beginning as night fell. They camped there for the night. The regiment camped in a field of standing corn, which they found very uncomfortable, especially because of the rain and because many of them hadn't prepared to be out overnight. Several Confederate scouts apparently found them, but didn't disturb them. [Bates, pp.186-7; Walter v.3 #36 p.2; Dyer, v.3, p.1604; Humphreys' report]
William E Michael (F) promoted to 2nd lt (perhaps 12th)
Washington Brenizer mustered in 165th PA
Jacob Pottenturf enlisted in 165th PA
Jeremiah Small mustered in 165th PA
Alexander Shrader enlisted in 165th PA
Charles Shilling enlisted in 165th PA
muster and descriptive roll of a detachment of US volunteers forwarded for the 91st, included Jesse Connard (C)
17 mail should be addressed to the 91st Pennsylvania, Tyler's Brigade, in Humphrey's Division, Porter's (5th) army corps, via Washington DC
Reconnaissance to Leestown, West Virginia, 16-17 Oct.
At daylight, they marched again. Confederate skirmishers and artillery attacked them 1-1/2 miles past Kearneysville. The Union forces advanced without further opposition to Leestown. They waited there for about two hours while a small force investigated Smithfield. Having accomplished their mission, they returned to Sharpsburg, beginning at 2 pm. The rear-guard (cavalry and artillery) were attacked by the Confederates 2-1/2 miles from Shepherdstown, but repulsed. The Union forces had crossed the river by 11 pm.
Samuel Chambers (K) captured
John Farren (B) deserted
Charles Bournonville (C) absent sick, in Columbia College Hospital (until 25 Dec 62)
[Humphreys' report; Walter v.3 #36 p.2; Dyer, v.3, p.1604]
['The Ninety-first regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers', Philadelphia Inquirer 17 October 1862 page 8]
18 Thomas Jay mustered in 171st PA, co.I
James Sulger (C) discharged on surgeon's certificate (possibly 27th)
muster and descriptive roll of a detachment of US volunteers forwarded for the 91st, dated Philadelphia PA, including James Smith
21 John L Graham reported 'Corporal present for duty' on the company E September/October company muster roll
24 medical certificate issued for Benjamin Tayman, claiming that he had been suffering from typhoid fever for 7 days
26 Charles King (A) discharged on surgeon's certificate
George W Davis (H) discharged at Sharpsburg MD on surgeon's certificate
James Kiernan (I) discharged at Sharpsburg MD on surgeon's certificate
27 John Smith (H) enlisted at Philadelphia PA
Theodore Parsons (C) promoted to capt (possibly 16 Aug)
James Sulger (C) discharged on surgeon's certificate (possibly 18th)
s.o. 299 (HQ Army of Potomac, Camp near Sharpsburg) granted Benjamin Tayman (F&S) a 20-day leave
28 Sylvester Rittenhouse (C) discharged at Camp near Sharpsburg, VA, on surgeon's certificate
George Whistler (K) discharged on surgeon's certificate at Providence RI
30 Began movement to Falmouth Virginia.
The regiment broke camp and moved to Warrenton. They travelled along the base of South Mountain, and to Harper's Ferry through Happy Valley. After crossing the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers, they went south along the east side of the Blue Ridge.
The Army was re-organized: Burnside replaced McClellan as commander of the Army of the Potomac, General Hooker took over the center grand division (Third and Fifth Corps).
John N Hawks alias James Clark (D) admitted to Brigade Hospital (apparently for rheumatism)
[Bates, p.187; Walter, v.3 #36 p.2; Dyer, v.3, p.1604; Welch, p.501]
31 Benjamin Tayman (F&S) on sick leave
James Sulger formerly Capt of Co. C was ill with typhoid fever, quickly leading to convulsions and death

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