91st PA--William Elder's death

'Arrival of sick and wounded soldiers'

['Arrival of sick and wounded soldiers', Philadelphia Inquirer 7 January 1863 page 6]
[see Battle of Fredericksburg]

The Military.

ARRIVAL OF SICK AND WOUNDED SOLDIERS.--About five hundred sick and wounded soldiers arrived in this city yesterday, and were cared for temporarily at the Citizens' Volunteer Hospital, Broad and Prime. The men were all furnished with a good substantial dinner by the Hospital Committee, which was duly appreciated by the weary soldiers. They were all subsequentlyl conveyed to the Chesnut Hill Hospital. The ambulances of the firemen were used to take them to the railroad depot, Ninth and Green streets, and they were transported from thence to the Hospital in the cars. These men were nearly all wounded at the battle of Fredericksburg. The following is a list of the Pennsylvanians:--

[I have transcribed only those from the 91st PA, without noting ellipses]
A. M. Mooney, D, 91st.
R. MacFeeters, D, 91st.
N Mallon, H, 91st.
C. T. Loper, G, 91st.

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