91st PA--injuries at Chancellorsville

The Battles of Fredericksburg

['The Battles of Fredericksburg: further list of wounded', Philadelphia Inquirer 12 May 1863, page 4]
[see Battle of Chancellorsville]

Further List of Wounded.

WASHINGTON, MAY 9, 1863.--The following wounded soldiers arrived here last night and early this morning, from Aquia Creek. They were conveyed, temporarily, to the various Military Hospitals in and around Washington:-- [...] Charles H. Neide, D, 91st Pa., leg [...] Corporal Wm. Cloud, K, 91st Pa., leg, [...] Jacob B. Keapplinger, 91st Pa., leg, [...] John Collins, D, 91st Pa., hip, [...] Charles Coates, C, 91st Pa., leg, Henry Chillicks, C, 91st Pa., leg, [...] Theodore H. Parsons, C, 91st Pa.., knee and hip, [...]

List of Officers in Georgetown Seminary Hospital, under Charge of Dr. H. W. Ducachet U.S.A. [...] Capt. F. [sic] H. Parsons, Co. C, 91st Pennsylvania. [...]

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