91st PA--13 May 1863

13 May 1863

['The ninety-first Pennsylvania volunteers', Philadelphia Press, Wednesday 13 May 1863, page 2]
[source: ActivePaper Archive, Penn State University (viewed 8 November 2008)]
[see Chancellorsville: casualties]

THE NINETY-FIRST PENNSYLVANIA VOLUNTEERS.--The following is an official list of killed, wounded, and missing in the 91st Regiment, P.V.:

Col. E. M. Gregory, wounded in leg.
Capt. T. H. Parsons, Co. C, in knee.
Lieut. Geo. Black, H, wounded and missing.
Corp'l Sam'l Wilson, A, missing, supposed killed.
Johnson Agnew, A, missing, supposed a prisoner.
Wm. Hentzel [William Kintzel], A, missing, supposed a prisoner.
Rudolph Mardle, A, missing, supposed a prisoner.
Wm Stetler, A, slightly wounded.
John Mills [Joseph Mills], A, slightly wounded.
Corp'l Jacob Lynn, B, killed.
Corp'l Sebastian Bodini [sic], B, killed.
Corpl'l [sic] Thomas Patterson, B, missing.
Serg't John Bisbing, C, killed.
Serg't Joseph Gilbert, C, slightly wounded.
Wm. Beale, C, wounded, supposed a prisoner.
Charles Coates, C, wounded in leg.
Henry Chitlicks, C, wounded in leg.
Wm. H. Carpenter, C, wounded in shoulder.
John O'Neille, C, wounded in head.
Joseph E. Smith, C, wounded in arm.
Alexander Keeley, C, wounded in arm.
Corp'l Andrew Brown, C, wounded and missing.
Corp'l Wm. H. Simpson, C, missing.
John Banning, C, missing.
Wm. Hoover, Sr., C, missing.
Albert Morgan, C, missing.
George D. Ott, C, missing.
John P. Wool, C, missing.
Joseph Johnson, D, missing.
Joseph Kessler, D, missing.
Samuel Steele, D, missing.
Charles Neide, D, wounded in leg.
John Collins, D, wounded in thigh.
James Nelson, D, wounded in leg.
Wm. Bryson, E, killed.
Francis McMackin, E, killed.
Alexander Baird, E, wounded in leg.
J. Garety, E, wounded in arm and side, seriously.
John Whalin, E, wounded in hand.
John P. Russell, E, wounded in hand.
Martin Blake, E, missing.
Robert B. Miller, E, missing.
Wm. McCartney, E, missing.
Corp'l Wm. H. Jeffries, E, missing.
Serg't Joseph T. Gebler, F, killed.
Wm. Gilleland, F, wounded in arm.
George Stroup, F, missing.
John Dougherty, F, missing.
Israel H. Barnes, G, killed.
Serg't Frederick H. Henry, G, killed
Serg't John L. Evans, G, wounded in arm
Serg't A. Truman, G, wounded in shoulder and leg.
Reuben Auman, G, wounded in side.
Frederick Lehman, G, wounded in shoulder.
Wm. S. Cox, G, wounded in arm.
George Pilkenton, G, wounded in arm.
Samuel Williamson, G, wounded in arm.
John Scott [perhaps Alexander Scott (G)], G, wounded in hand.
Corp'l Thos. Crozier, H, wounded in arm.
George Detterline, H, wounded in hand.
Hugh McLaughlin, H, wounded in head.
John Somers, H, missing.
Corp'l George Leaf, I, wounded in breast.
Corp'l Alexander Malloch, I, wounded in head.
Corp'l John Cooker, I, missing, supposed killed.
Corp'l H. W. Erdman, I, wounded in shoulder.
John Callahan [perhaps John Callahan transferred from I to E in 1862], I, wounded in hand.
Corp'l Wm. Cloud, K, wounded in leg.
John Dort, K, wounded in breast.
Jacob B. Kepplinger, K, wounded in ankle.
Thomas Young, K, wounded in foot.
Robert Reese, K, wounded in hand.
Wm. R. Cooper, K, missing.
Eugene R. Chambers, K, missing.
Michael Connelly, K, missing.
Lewis F. Lanning, K, missing.

Col. E. M. Gregory arrived in this city on Monday night. He was wounded in the late battle near Frederickburg; a ball passed through his leg, shattering the bone badly. It is supposed, however, that he will not lose the limb, and he is now being well attended at his own residence.

['The Ninety-first Pennsylvania at Chancellorville', Philadelphia Inquirer 13 May 1863, page 8]

THE NINETY-FIRST PENNSYLVANIA AT CHANCELLORVILLE.--Col. E.M. GREGORY, of the Ninety-first Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, arrived in this city on Monday night, he having received a severe wound in the leg at the late battle near Fredericksburg. Colonel GREGORY has proved by his gallant conduct to be one of the best officers that this city has furnished for the defense of our Government. His conduct at the former battle of Fredericksburg won for him the praise and esteem of all the officers and men with whom he is connected. His regiment not long since presented him with a magnificent sword, and also a very fine horse, which shows their appreciation of their gallant leader. The following is a complete list of the killed and wounded in the regiment:-

Colonel E. M. Gregory, wounded leg.
Captain Theodore H. Parsons, Co. C, knee.
Lieutenant George Black, Co. H, wounded and missing.
Corporal Samuel Wilson, Co. A, missing.
John Agnew, Co. A, missing.
William Kintzel, Co. A, missing
Rudolph Maidell, Co. A, missing.
William Stetler, Co. A, slightly wounded.
John Mills [sc. Joseph Mills], Co.A, slightly wounded.
Corporal Jacob Lynn, Co. B, killed.
Sebastian Badini, Co. B, killed.
Thomas Patterson, Co. B, killed.
Sergeant John Bisbing, Co. C, killed.
Joseph Gilbert, Co. C, slightly wounded.
William Beale, Co. C, wounded and missing.
Charles Coates, Co. C, leg.
William Chitticks [sc. Henry Chitlicks], Co. C, leg
William H. Carpenter, Co. C, shoulder
John O'Neille, Co. C, head
Joseph E. Smith, Co. C, arm.
Alexander Keeley, Co. C, arm.
Corporal Andrew Brown, Co. C, wounded and mind
Corporal William H. Simpson, Co. C, missing.
John Banning, Co. C, missing.
William Hoven, Sen'r, Co. C, missing.
Albert Morgan, Co. C, missing.
George D. Ott, Co. C, mmissing.
John P. Worl, Co. C, missing.
Joseph Johnson, Co. D, missing.
Joseph Kessler, Co. D, missing.
Samuel Steele, Co. D, missing.
Charles Neide, Co. D, leg.
John Collins, Co. D, thigh.
James Nelson, Co. D, leg.
William Bryson, Co. E, killed.
Francis McMackin, Co. E, killed.
Alexander Bair, Co. E, wounded leg.
John Garity, Co. E, arm and [illegible]
John [illegible] [sc. John Whalin], Co. E, hand.
John S. Russell, Co. E, hand.
Martin Blake, Co. E, missing.
Robert B Miller, Co. E, missing.
William McCartney, Co. E, missing.
Corporal William H. Jeffries, Co. E, missing.
Sergeant Joseph T. Gebler, Co. F, killed.
Wm. Gilliand, Co. F, arm.
George Stroup, Co. F, missing.
John Dougherty, Co. F, missing.
Israel H. Barnes, Co. G, killed.
Sergeant Frederick Henry, Co. G, killed.
John L. Evans, Co. G, arm.
Amos Truman, Co. G, shoulder and leg.
Reuben Auman, Co. G, side.
Frederick Lehman, Co. G, shoulder.
Wm. S. Cox, Co. G, arm.
George Pilkenton, Co. G, arm.
Samuel Williamson, Co. G, arm.
John Scott [perhaps Alexander Scott], Co. G, hand.
Thomas Crozier, Co. H, arm.
George Detterline, Co. H, hand.
Hugh McLaughlin, Co. H, head.
John Somers, Co. H., missing.
Corporal George Leaf, Co. I, breast.
Alexander Malloch, Co. I, head.
John Cooker, Co I, missing.
Henry W. Erdman, Co. I, shoulder.
John Callahan [perhaps John Callahan transferred from I to E in 1862], Co. I, hand.
William Cloud, Co. K, leg.
John Dort, Co. K, breast.
Jacob B. Kepplinger, Co. K, ankle.
Thomas Young, Co. K, foot.
Robert Reese, Co. K, hand.
William R. Cooper, Co. K, missing.
Eugene R. Chambers, Co. K, missing.
Michael Connollly, Co. K, missing.
Lewis F. Lanning, Co. K, missing.

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