Orders, 13 August 1864

Orders, 13 August 1864

[source: company E orders book] [source: regimental orders book, 1863]
Head Quarters 91st Regt P.V.
Camp near Beverly Ford Va August 13th 1863.
General Order No 4
Head Quarters 91st Reg. Pa. Vols
Camp near Beverly Ford Va. August 13nt /63
General Orders No 4

The following Calls will be observed in the Command untill [sic] further orders

The following Calls will be observed in the Command untill [sic] further Orders

1stRevillie [sic] at 5 O clock AM Reveilleat5 O clock A. M.
2ndBreakfast Call5 15 Breakfast Call"5.15 " " "
3rdDrill5 30 Drill"5.50 " " "
4thRecall from Drill7.00 Recall from drill7. " " "
5thSurgeons Call7.15 Surgeons Call7.15 " " "
6th1st Sergts report7.30 1st Sergts Reports7.30 " " "
7thFatigue Call for Police8.00 Fatigue Call (for policeing [sic] Camp)8. " " "
8thGaurd [sic] mounting Assembly of the gaurd [sic]9.00 Guard Mounting (Assembly of Guard)9 " " "
9thCommis officers School in Tactics10.00 Comms'd Officers School (in Tactics & Regt.)10 " " "
10thDinner Roll Call12 M Dinner Roll Call12 " M
[This copy ends here.]
Battallion drill (Battalion to the Colors)4.30 " P. M.
Recall from Drill5.40 " " "
Dress parade (to the Colors)6. " " "
Undress parade (retreat in Bad weather)6 " " "
Tattoo8 " " "
Taps8.30 " " "
A distinctive Brigade Signal will be established
All calls from Brigade Hd. Qr. will be preceded by this Signall and immedately afterward will be blown the call indicating the duty or exercise
The regimental Bugler will repeat the Brig. Signal and blow the Buglers Call, the Assembly, &c with the usual intervals
When the Brigade is to form at once under arms the assembly will be Sounded at Brigade Hd. Qr. but at no other time.
The Buglers Call will never be sounded from Brigade Hd. Qr.
At Police Call the Camp will be thoroughly policed by the companies under the supervision of a company Officer the rubbish will be carried out of the company streets, and then under the direction of the Officer of the day will be carried in a wagon of [sic] to a distance from the camp
The attention of Company Officers is called to Par. 255.256.257 Army Regulations
Daily inspections of arms and Accoutrements will be made under the direction of a Company Officer
All these calls will be promptly obeyed and the duty indicated performed

By Order of
Joseph H Sinex
Lieut Col. Commdg
[Col Gregory did not return from medical leave until September 1863]
B. J. Tayman

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