91st PA--official regimental letters, 8 September 1863

Regimental letters, 8 September 1863

[source: regimental letters book]
[see Sinex's plea for a report of the letter's success]
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[see also consolidated morning report, 91st PA, 26 September 1863, which lists many men returned from hospital]

Head Quarters 91st Regt Pa. Vols
Septbr 8th 1863
Captain A. S. Marvin Jr.
Asst. Adjt. Gen'l.

I have the honor to report the following named Enlisted Men of this Command borne on the Rolls as "absent Sick" but from information received are located at the different Hospitals & Camps around Washington and other cities. "On duty", but some [??] should be with their Companies in the Field & respectfully request that if possible they be ordered to join their Companies.

In Washington

Privates Charles H. Eckhardt, Chas. C. Powell, Daniel Doster & Albert W. Steelman, on duty in Military Governors Office. Pvt Steelman is no doubt discharged yet no official information has been received of the fact [According to Bates, Steelman was promoted in 1862 to lieutenant in the 16th VA Volunteers]

John & Thomas Whelan, nurses [?] in Haremont Hospital - John Williams Andrew Steinmetz, James McCormick, [Bates lists two John McCormick's and a William McCormick, but no James McCormick] John McCahan & Thomas Wallace [reported returned from duty 26 Sep 63] these men are all believed to be fit for duty in the field. [The Whelans were transferred to the Veterans' Reserve Corps in October 1863]

In Convalescent Camp Alex. Va

Sergts. Adrian Beaugereau, [Beaugereau was detailed as clerk in the discharge dept, on 27 Jan 1863] Lewis Brophy, Robert H. Sinex, Corpls. Augustine C. Montgomery [returned 27 Sep 63], William D. Pentland [Pentland was discharged on surgeon's certificate on 2 Oct] & Joseph Everheart [?], Privates Henry C. Sinex [returned from hospital 26 Sep 63], Chas. H. Neide, Lewis Hamilton, [Hamilton deserted on 20 Mar 63] John Callahan [returned to duty 27 Sep 63], James Cartledge, [Cartledge was transferred to the VRC in Oct 63] Philip Peltz, [Peltz was transferred to the VRC in Oct 63] Francis Donahue, [Donahue was detailed as orderly there on 1 Jan 63] Edwin Burr [reported returned to duty from hospital, 26 Sep 63], William Lowry, [Lowery had been discharged on 7 June on surgeon's certificate] Samuel Conrad [returned from hospital 26 Sep 63], George Young [returned from hospital 26 Sep 63], George F. Stroup, John Dougherty, [Dougherty was transferred to the VRC on 2 Sep 63] William Kelly, [I have not identified William Kelly] William McMichail [sic], [McMichaels transferred to the VRC on 30 Sep 63] Chas. Thomson, Samuel T. Reed, David McNealy, [McNealy was transferred to the VRC on 30 Sept 63] Ralph B. Montgomery & John G. Kerr. Nearly all the above Named men are said to be on duty at Camp Convalescent and from information derived from private Letters &q they are Employed in the various Departments as "Clerks" "Cooks" & "Orderlies" they are all able bodied men & should be returned to the Regiment. Some of whom merit severe punishment for past conduct they will no doubt dodge every Order sending them away, and manage by any means to remain in what they call "easy jobs". Ralph B. Montgomery & Chas Thomson sent by direction of Gen. Tyler to Appnia Creek to guard his private Baggage May 16th neither of whom is yet reported to the Company Commander. [According to Bates, Montgomery deserted on 11 Jan 1862, and again on 2 Sep 1863.] Thomson is Clerk [?], Montgomery is loafing about town, have been unofficially informed that Sergt. Robert H. Sinex is transfered [sic] to "Invalid Corps". [According to Bates, he was transferred on 10 August 1863]

In Fairfax Seminary Hospital Alex Va

Privates Stephen Godfrey, Chas J King, Jervis W. Edes & Samuel Hause. The above Named men are all "on duty" and are able Bodied men, were sent from Manassas June 17th with sore feet and from private Letters, they consider themselves on "easy duty" for the balance of their term of service. [Samuel Haas was wounded on 3 July at Gettysburg]

In Camp Parole Alexandria Va

Privates William H. Kintzle & Johnson Agnew The two men are paroled prisoners, heard they had been exchanged

In Baltimore Md

Sergt John Newton [?--perhaps Norton?] Davis, Privates Thomas Reed & Henry W McCool Sergt Davis is a strong able bodied man, he is said to be in Invalid Corps but nothing official - McCool "Nurse in Hospital" [According to Bates, Davis was discharged when his term expired, in September 1864.]

Fredrick City, Md

Privates Franklin E. Clough [reported regained from missing in campaign, 26 Sep 63] & William Wilkinson. Private Clough is a Notorious "Shirk" he artfully finds it convenient to be absent when wanted, but manages to leave by some authority, he is now doing duty in the Provost Guard at Frederick City, he should by all means be sent to the regiment Wm. Wilkinson is "Nurse"

Philadelphia Pa

Sergts Penrose Forsythe [returned to duty from absent sick 24 Sep 63], John Goodwin [returned from hospital 26 Sep 63], John Wood, [could be John Wood (co D/H) or John Wood (co I)] Corpls James Gessler & Mettinger, Privates Jacob Geisenhoffer [reported regained from duty in hospital, 26 Sep 63], James Dyson [deserted, date unknown], Henry C Gorgas, Theophilus Palmer [dropped from rolls as missing in action, 9 July 1863], Charles K. Willis [reported regained from duty in hospital, 26 Sep 63], Francis P. Young, Wm. P. Graham, John Henry [returned from awol 26 Sep 63], James Nugent, Samuel H. Hess, Samuel Amey [discharged 26 Dec 1862], Isaac Tyson, Noah Mallon [transferred to VRC 3 Nov 1863], George L. Poole, Mathew McIlvany, John P. Delamator, Peter Van Buren [died 14 Nov 1863], George Kitchenman [Bates reports him missing in action and dropped from the rolls on 9 July 186?], "this Man is reported to be working at his trade in a Dye House" George B. Kulp this man is said to be working at Brick Making, he is a Paroled Prisoner [dropped from the rolls because under age, according to the descriptive roll], Eugene L. Chemin & Augustus Eckheart--The foregoing 26 men are all know [sic] ("unofficially") to be able to rejoin the Command yet they are retained and the Regiment thus deprived of their services - some are openly at work at their trades, while others are spending their time in debauching - the time of their absence varies from 3 to 15 Months.

Anapolis Md

Privates William H. H. Dyke & Lewis Happy [returned from hospital 26 Sep 63] - these men are unofficially reported as able to rejoin their Company.

Portsmouth Grove, R. I.

Corpl. Patrick B. Beatty & Private Jacob W. Bender [returned from hospital 26 Sep 63]. both the above men are acting in the capacity of "Nurses"

The foregoing List of 78 names are carefully selected from the number (141) now reported "absent Sick" & "Wounded" No injustice is done to any of the remainder in the remarks - those entitled are no doubt correctly reported and should not be identified with the men above referred to.

I am Captain
Very Respectfully
Your Obedient Serv
Jos. H. Sinex
Lt Col Commdg

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