91st PA--letters and orders, 14 November 1863

Letters and orders, 14 November 1863

[source: regimental letters book]

Head Qurters [sic] 91st Regt. Pa. Vols.
November 14th 1863
Captain A. S. Marvin Jr
Ast. Adjt. Gen.

I have the honor to report that no change has occured [sic] in the Roster of Commission [sic] Officers in this Command since the last report of Nov 14 [sic, perhaps 1862?].

I am Sir,
Very Respectfully
E. M. Gregory
Col. Commanding

[source: regimental letters book]

Head Quarters 91st Regt Penna Vols 3" Brig 2" Div 5 Corps
Camp near Kellys Ford Va November 14 1863
L Thomas
Adjt General U.S.A.

In compliance with orders from the War Dept dated Oct 20th 1863 and recieved [sic] through the regular military channel from Brig Hd. Qrs dated Oct 31st 1863

I have the honor to make the following report in the case of Marcus Ullman a private of Co A 91st Regt Penna Vols

By reference to the Descriptive Book the name of Marcus Ullman appears with the following description

age 19 height 5 ft 4 in complexion dark eyes grey hair dark born in the County of Tyrol Germany occupation Watch Maker enlisted Aug. 21st 186 [last character illegible due to a blotch; should be 1861] at Philada Pa mustered by Col Reiff for 3 years

Ullman voluntarily called at the recruiting Office of Co A. 91st Regt Pa Vols Aug 20" 1861 entered his name on the books and on the following day with others was mustered into the Service of the United States

He is now and has been serving in the Regiment Since his enlistement--and faithfully performed his duties as a Soldier.

The accompanying paper is herewith returned

I am General &c
E. M Gregory
Col Commdg 91st Regt PV

[source: regimental letters book]

Head Quarters 91st Regt Penna Vols
November 14 1863
Captain A. S. Marvin Jr

I have the honor to furnish the following list of absent officers, to this date

John D. LentzMajorIn Philada for Conscripts since July 22 1863
Theo H. Snyder.2 Lieut" " " " " " " "
Jas. H. Delevean1st Lt" " from wounds Recd at Fredericksburg Dec 13th 1862
James B. Diehl" "Aid [sic] to Genl Tyler since Nov 4th 1862
J. A. Gregory2 "Detatched [sic] with Brig Amb since Sept. 23 1863

I am Captain &c
E. M. Gregory
Col. Commdg

B [sic]

[source: regimental letters book]

[see Gregory's letter of 29 September 1863, which lists Jameson, Johnston, and Donnell--but has them beginning earlier than this list: Jameson on 23 September, Johnston on 20 September, and Donnell on 7 September.]

[It may be relevant that Gregory was wounded at Chancellorsville, and Hall and Donnell were wounded at Gettysburg]

Head Quarters 91st Regt Penna Vols
November 14th 1863
Captain A. S. Marvin Jr
A. A. G.

In pursuance of orders of this date I have the honor to report the following named enlisted men employed as cooks, Servants &c. by Commissioned Officers of this Regiment

NameCowith whom Servingin what capacitySince what time
James JamesonHCol E. M. GregoryHostlerfrom Sept 29th to Oct 16th 186[3]
[Bates lists no James Jameson; see John Jamison and David Jamison]
Henry SchaeferA" " " """ Oct. 17th 1863
Edw. GambleBLt. Morris KayserCookOct. 28th 1863
Jos M JohnstonDCapt. H. FaustCookOct. 1st "
Jos RementerE" M. HallCookNov 6th "
Philip Tousant [sic; sc. Toushant] ILt. J. S. DonnellCookSept. 25th 1863

I am Captain Very Respectfully
Your Most Obt. Servant
E. M. Gregory
Col. Commdg
[source: regimental orders book]
[see consolidated morning report, 91st PA, 15 Nov 63]

Head Quarters 91st Regt Penna Vols
Nov 14th 1863
Special Order No 105

Capt Sellers Lt Kayser & Lt Jones will accompany the detail for Picket this day and will report at once

Detail from the following companies

A. 7 non. com. 21 Privts B. 4 Privates C. 4. Pr. D. 12 Pr. E. 4. Pr. F. 10. Pr. G. 3. Pr.

H. 2 non. com. 8 Pr. I 1 non. com. 5 Pr. K 4 Pr.

By Order of
E M Gregory
Col Commdg
B. J. Tayman

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