91st PA--letters and orders, 15 December 1863

Letters and orders, 15 December 1863

[source: regimental letters book]
[He was promoted by special order 112, 11 December 1863]

Head Quarters 91st Regt P. Vols.
December 15th 1863
Capt A. S. Marvin
Ast. Adj't. Gen.

I have the honor to state in reply to Gen Orders No 120, Hd. Qrs. 3rd Brig 2nd Div 5th Corps. that Sergt. Hamill has been promoted to the first Sergeancy of his Compy. the warrant has been issued to him, and I do not think it in my power to revoke the order without some wrong doing of the Sergt. The Sergeant was appointed by the Capt. Comding the Compy, and approved by me in accordance with Par. 86. Art. 12. Revise [sic] Army Regulations of 1863

I am Captain
Very Respectfully
Jos H. Sinex
Lt. Col. Comding.
[source: regimental orders book]
[see consolidated morning report, 91st PA, 18 Dec 1863]

Head Quarters 91st Regt. Pa. Vols.
December 15th 1863
Special Orders No 114

1st Lieut. W. H. Carpenter Co K is hereby assigned to Co. D. and will be obeyed & respected accordingly

By Command of
Jos. H. Sinex
Lt. Col. Comding
Howard W. Shipley
Lieut and Act. Adjt
[source: National Archives, record group 94, 91st Pennsylvania, regimental letter, order, furlough, and guard report book]

Head Quarters 91st Regt Pa. Vols.
December 15th 1863
Special Orders No 115

In Compliance with special Orders No. 120 from Brigade Head Quarters Sergt Hammill Co. D 91st Regt. Pa. Vols. will relieve Sergt. Chandler of Co D 91st Regt. Pa. Vols. with Ambulance Corps.

Sergt Chandler will report to his Regt. for duty at once

By Order of
Jos H. Sinex
Lt. Col. Comdg 91st P.V.
D. B Baker
Lt & Actg. Adjt

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