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91st PA--letters and orders, 30 December 1863

Letters and orders, 30 December 1863

[source: regimental letters book]

Head Quarters 91st Pa. Vols
Dec. 30th 1863
Capt A. S. Marvin
Asst Adjt Genl

In pursuance of orders of this date I have the honor to report the following named Enlisted Men employed as Servants, Cooks, &qq by Com Officers of this Regt.

NameCoCommd'g OffWith whom Serving In what CapacitySince when
Henry SchaeferACapt GregoryCol. E. M. Gregory Hostler [written over something illegible]Octbr 17/63
John CosterACapt GregoryCapt Gregory Cook [written over something illegible]Dec 10 /63
Ed. GambleBLt KayserLt Kayser Cook [written over something illegible]Octbr 28/63
Jos. M. JohnstonDLt. Carpenter Lt. Col. J. H. SinexCookDec. 16 /63
Jos. RementerECapt Hall Capt HallCookNov 6 /63
Henry DunnILt. DonnellLt. Donnell CookDec. 18 /63
I am Capt.
Very Respectfully
Your Obdt Servant
Eli G. Sellers
Capt Commdg
[source: regimental letters book]

Head Quarters 91st Pa. Vols.
Dec. 30th 1863
Capt. A. S. Marvin Jr.
Asst Adj't Genl

I have the honor to report the following in pursuance of Orders of this date viz. No. [crossed out: not] willing to reenlist who have over fifteen months to serve

[For legibility, I have changed the three columns in the manuscript to a single list.]

Chas E. FranceA
James Luffberry"
Edwin J. BurrB
Samuel Edwards"
Jos. L. BowanC
Wm. T. Hoover"
Alex Keely"
Thomas TaylorD
Wm. Harvey"
James NelsonD
H. C. Sinex"
Sergt D. F. MansfieldF
John H. Denning"
Wm. Mooney"
George Fleming"
Harry H Zane"
Robert Wilkinson"
Jacob AfflerbackE
John L. KeeverE
Joseph Rementer"
John L. LloydG
George W. Kite"
Wm. Collins"
John W Bender"
Jacob KeesyH
Harry T. Angel"
Wm H H Dyke"
Louis Happy"H"
Hugh McLaughlin"H"
D G Leidheiser'K'
Total 30 Men

No not willing to reenlist who have less than 15 months to serve

[I have again replaced the three manuscript columns with a single column, for legibility.]

Jacob GeisenhofferA
Johnson Agnew"
Edward Wood"
Francis A Faires"
Edward W. Fox"
Alex McDermottB
Segt Chas. HigginsC
W. K. Beale"
Pat. Campbell"
Salathiel Cox"
John Connelly"
Michael Drew"
Louis Kuert"
Chas. LowryC
John Maginnis"
Thomas O Neil"
John J. Reynold"
Corpl. Wm BurnsE[this is obviously Samuel Burns]
" Francis Harrigan"
David Baird"
Stephen Kelly"
Aug. C. Montgomery"
John Stotzenberg"
William Dorsey"
William Dougherty"
Corpl. James SmithF
Francis HigginsG
Daniel Wolf"
Daniel Foltz"
Wm. Rookstool"
Robert J. RowanH
Corpl Alex. MollochI
Henry P. Largay"
Chas. Armstrong"
Corpl Thomas MarpleK
Michael Keane"
John McCarty"
Wm H. Johnson"
Total 38

No. not willing to reenlist who have over 15 months to serve

     Israel Lazerus "D"
No willing to reenlist over 15 months to serve30
" not " " " " " "1
" not willing less than 15 months to serve38
I am Capt
Very Respectfully &c
Jos H Sinex
Lt Col Commdg
[source: regimental order book]

Hd Qrs. 91st Pa Vols
Dec 30th 1863
Sp Orders No 123

Sergt David F. Mansfield Co F is hereby detailed on duty in Ambulance Train & will relieve Sergt Hammill now on duty there, he will report at once

By order of
Jos H Sinex
Lt Col Commdg
H. W Shipley
Actg Adjt

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