91st PA: 1864

What the 91st Pennsylvania did in 1864

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In January, the regiment returned to Philadelphia for Veterans' furlough. They reassembled at Upland Institute, near Chester, Pennsylvania, in February. In March, they returned to the front and went into winter quarters at Warrenton Junction. They continued in camp, learning zouave drills, in April.

May saw the beginning of the spring campaign. They crossed the Rapidan at Germania Ford. They charged across a field near Parker's Store, but were thrown back. They skirmished with the Confederates to the left of the road, and repulsed a Confederate charge. They moved along the plank road, with horses bolting through the column at one point. They fought at Laurel Hill, and took the Myers' House at Spottsylvania Court House, and retook it after it was lost by the Sixth Corps. They fought a battle crossing the North Anna, and then the Pamunkey. In June, they relieved the Fourth Division under heavy fire. They were transferred to the 1st Brigade (Col. Sweitzer), 1st Division, 5th Corps. They crossed the James River, and captured the Suffolk and Petersburg Railroad. Near Petersburg, they captured the position where the mine was later exploded, losing 82 men killed and wounded in a single day. They advanced to the later position of "Fort Hell".

In July, a more static period began. They received veterans and recruits from the 62nd Pennsylvania Infantry. They built forts, and bomb-proofs. They opened fire on the works when the mine was exploded, but did not themselves advance. In August, they continued garrisoning forts. They took part in the Fifth Corps' attack on the Weldon Railroad, as Grant systematically reduced Confederate supply routes. In September, they attacked Peebles' Farm--an attack that won Colonel Gregory a promotion to brevet brigadier general. In October, they captured the Davis House, and advanced to Hatcher's Run. November and December were quiet months.

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