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91st PA--letters and orders, 7 March 1864

Letters and orders, 7 March 1864

[source: regimental letters book]
[I have made small non-substantive changes in features of the letter related to its spreading over three pages.]
[see the consolidated morning reports for 16 April 1864 and 17 April 1864 for the return of some of these men]
[see Sinex's plea (2)--7 March 1864 for the results]

Hd Qrs 91st Regt P.V.V.
March 7th 1864
Capt. A. S. Marvin Jr
Asst. Adjt Genl

I have the honor to request that the following Named Officers & Enlisted Men now on detached Service in the City of Philada Pa & Chester Pa be returned to their Regt for duty

NameRankCoBy whomWhenWhereOn what duty
Commissioned Officers
John F. LentzMajor War DepartmentJuly 22/ 63Phila. Collecting Conscripts
David H. LentzQr. MrExpected to be detailed by Maj [illegible]
Benjamin J. TaymanAdj't Sup Vol Rec ServiceFebruary 19. 64Chester PaRecruiting Officer
Matthew HallCaptECol. GregoryMarch 1 /64Philada PaCollecting Conscripts
James B. Deihl1st LtDGenl TylerNov 4 /62In the fieldAid [sic] de Camp
Theodore A Snyder2nd LtKWar DepartmentJuly 22 /63Philada PaCollecting Conscripts
Joseph T. Jones2nd LtHCol. GregoryMarch 1 /64Philada Pa" "
Justus A. Gregory2nd LtBSup Vol. Rec Service Philada PaRecruiting Officer
Enlisted Men
Wm. H. ChandlerSergtDSup Vol. Rec ServiceFebruary 22 /64Philada PaRecruiting Service
Wm C. StackhousePrivateK" "" "" "" "
Wilbur F. Wampole"D" "" "" "" "
John F Jester"A" "" "" "" "
Walter Widdefield [William Widdefield (?)]MusicianD" "" "Chester Pa" "
Patrick Byrne"B" "" "" "" "
Cyrus C. CartledgeSergtECol. GregoryMarch 1 /64Philada PaCollecting Conscripts
Stephen WhinnaSergtH" "" "" "" "
William LetourneauCorplG" "" "" "" "
Charles WillisPrivateA" "" "" "" "
Franklin G Clough""" "" "" "" "
John H. Barnes""" "" "" "" "
Benjamin Redhiffer""" "" "" "" "
James Rulon"B" "" "" "" "
George Stewart"C" "" "" "" "
William Scheiffer""" "" "" "" "
John M. Wharton""" "" "" "" "
Charles Coates""" "" "" "" "
Wm H. Care"D" "" "" "" "
Thomas Christy""" "" "" "" "
John Griffith"E" "" "" "" "
James Clayton""" "" "" "" "
David G. Lentz""" "" "" "" "
George Young""" "" "" "" "
Barney McNulty""" "" "" "" "
John Null""" "" "" "" "
James A Clark""" "" "" "" "
William H. Kintzle"A" "March 2 /64Chester PaRecruiting Service
George H. McNeilMusician"" "" "" "" "
Thomas J KurtzPrivateD" "" "" "" "
William Michenor""" "" "" "" "
Preston H Hoopes""" "" "" "" "
David A Buchanan""" "" "" "" "
George BlackMusicianH" "" "" "" "
Jacob S. SmithPrivateI" "" "" "" "

I am Captain
Very Respectfully
Your Obdt Servant
Jos. H. Sinex
Lt Col Comdg
[source: regimental letters book]

Head Quarters 91st Regt P.V.V
March 7th 1864
Capt A. S. Marvin Jr.
Asst Adjt Genl

I have the honor to make the following Report in compliance with Orders from your Hd. Qrs. of this date

No of Sentinels on post during dayNone
" " extra post at night, posted around Camp5
" detailed on Rail R. Gaurd [sic] Officers & MenNone
" present for duty equipped twelve (12) Commissioned Officers &
One Hundred & Thirty Four Enlisted Men
[see veteran volunteers for more about the number of veterans absent without leave, and structure and numbers for more about the number of men present]

I am Capt
Very Respectfully
Your Obdt Servant
Jos H. Sinex
Lt Col Commdg
[source: regimental orders book]

Hd. Qrs. 91st Regt. P.V.V
March 7th 1864
Genl. Order No 2

Par I. In compliance with Orders from Brig. Hd. Qrs. the following Articles of War & Paragraphs in Army Regulations will be read by a Commissioned Officer to each Company in the Regt. at Retreat Parade

Articles of War Nos 1 to 11 inclusive 26 to 28 inclusive to 48 inclusive 50 to 59. inclusive 76.80.99. Paragraphs in Army Regulations 253. to 254. inclusive will be read daily at Retreat for three days. The Brigade having been reported by the Inspector Genls Dept. for a non observance of these rules of Military Ettiquette, Regtl Commanders will be particular in seeing that all are properly instructed; it would appear from the personal observation of the Col. Comdg. Brig. that the remissness Complained of, is owing in the main if not wholly to the Commissioned Officers, who fail to return the Salutations of the Soldiers, Officers should remember that Par. 254 Army Regulations is as binding upon them as upon the Enlisted Men.

Par. II. There will be two drills daily of one hour each, either squad or Company. Com. Officers will always drill the squads or Companies, when the drill is with Arms.

The progress of the drill will be accompanied by theoretical instructions of Officers & Sergeants as required in the Infantry Tactics

By Command of
Jos. H. Sinex
Lt. Col. Commdg
H. W. Shipley
Actg Adjt
[source: regimental orders book]
[see circular, HQ 91st PA, 8 March 1864, for a slight correction]

Hd. Qrs. 91st Regt. P.V.V.
March 7th 1864

Company Commanders will send in without delay to the Regtl Qr Mr estimates to supply all deficiencies in their Commands in Arms & Accoutrements or parts thereof and Ammunition required to fill up to 40 rounds per Man

By Command of
Jos. H. Sinex
Lt Col Commdg
H. W. Shipley
Lt & Actg Adjt

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