91st PA--orders and regimental letters, 22 April 1864

Orders and regimental letters, 22 April 1864

[source: company E orders book]
[related file: courts martial]

Head Qurs 1st Div. 5th Corps
April 22nd/64
Special Orders No 60


1st On the Recommendation Of his Brigade and Regimental Commanders Private Frank Braceland Co E 91st Regt P.V.V is hereby Relieved from arrest and Returned to Duty without trial On Condition that he makes Good all time Lost By Desertion and forfeits all Pay and allowances for the time Of his absence

By Command Of
Brig Gen Griffin
(Sgd) C. B. Marvine act adjt Genl.
Hd Qurs 1st Brig 1st Div 5th Corps

April 22nd/64
(Sgd) Jos P. Conrad
A. A. A. G.
[source: regimental letters book] [related file: previous week's report]

Head Quarters 91st Regt P.V.V
April 22nd, 1864
Capt F. Winthrop
Actg. Asst Qm. Genl

I have the honor to make the following Report in compliance with Circular from the Office of the A. A. Q. G of the 1st Brig 1st Div 5th Army Corps dated April 13th 1864

Gain in Regt for Week ending April 22/64 Loss in Regt for week ending April 22/64
From what causeC.O.E.M.Total From what causeC.O.E.M.Total
By promotion or appointment    Resigned   
Transfer     Dismissed    
Recruits  99 Cashiered    
Reenlistments    Transfered   
From Absent on det Service 31010[sic] Killed in Action    
" " Sick     Died of Wounds recd in Action 134
[Bates lists no deaths occurring in this week; these are presumably among the undated deaths he records.]
" " with leave  11 " " Disease    
" " without leave  55 Accidentally Killed   
" " Missing     Discharged for disability    
" " in Confinement  33 " by Order    
" Desertion     " " " Expiration of time    
Total Gains 32831 Total Loss 134
Total Strength of Regt present this Week 16 418 434 Total Strength of Regt present last week 14 394 408
[The numbers do not add up; a net gain of 27 over 408 should produce a total of 435, not 434]
Total Strength of Regt present & Absent this week 23 562 585 Total Strength of Regt present & Absent last week 24 556 580

I have the honor to be Sir Very Respectfully
Joseph H Sinex
Lieut Col Cmdg
[source: regimental letters book]
[related file: regimental strength]

Hd. Qrs 91st Regt. P.V.V
April 22nd 1864
Capt J. S. Conrad
A. A. A. G

In compliance with Orders from Brig. Hd. Qrs I have the honor to report as follows

No of Veterans who have joined Regt198
" overstaying Furlough28
Six (6) of whom are absent Sick

[On the 21st, Sinex reported that 198 had rejoined, and 28 were absent, 6 in hospital. Why did the number present change but not the number absent?]

I am Capt
Very Respectfully
Jos H Sinex
Lt Col Comdg

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