91st PA--orders and regimental letters, 27 April 1864

Letters and orders, 27 April 1864

[source: regimental letters book]

Hd. Qrs 91st Regt. P.V.V
April 27th 1864
Lieut Wm Fowler
Actg Post Adjt

I have the honor to state in compliance with Orders from Post Hd Qrs. of this date that F. Klim former Sutler of the 91st P.V. has never been assessed nor has the present Robertson been assessed.

I am Lt Very Respectfully
Jos H. Sinex
Lt Col Comdg
[source: regimental letters book]
[related file: details and detached service]
[related file: letter, Sinex to Marvin, 7 March 1864 (lists men on detached service)]

Head Quarters 91st Pa. V. V
April 27th 1864
Lieut William Fowler
Actg Post Adjt

I have the honor to request that the following named Officers and Enlisted Men may be returned to this Regt for duty

[This list is very light in the microfilm I have; I found it very hard to read. In some cases, I have used other lists to help me guess what the name might be, and in other cases, I have been unable to identify the person.]

Capt F. H. Gregory Rep. absent Sick in Phila without Authority

Lieut J. A. Gregory relieved from rec Ser April 13th. not yet reported

" Theo. Snyder on duty in Camp Cadwalader Phila

Adjt B. J. Tayman on Rec. Service at Chester Pa

Qr. M. D. H. Lentz Actg Post Qr. M. Chester Pa

Sergt Chandler, W. L. Wampole [?], & Wm G Stackhouse relieved Rec Ser not yet reported

Corpl Letorneau Co. B, Priv Barnes, Redheffer, Clough, Willis Co A, [illegible; possibly Rulon] Co B, Clayton & Lentz relieved from Camp Cadwalader not yet reported

privs [??] McNeil Co A, Byrnes B, Widdefield [?] D, Priv Kurtz, [illegible; perhaps Hoopes] Buchanan D, Smith I & Mus Black H in Recruiting Service in Chester Pa. Houston "G" On duty at Camp Cadwalader July 22/62

Private J. H. [illegible], [illegible] Bell, [illegible], Lieut [??] Rodgers Kearney "A", Nickel, Baird, Johnson, Marshall, & Daballad "B" Boyd, Reston, Gallagher "D", Garrick, Vidal F Farvin, Gilbert Johnson, Smith, Watkins "G" Jackson Miller "H" Dempsey [perhaps the Edward Dempsey (I) Bates lists as enlisting on 1 Mar 65] Brouse Hall "I" Denyer [?] "K" [illegible] Thompson Enlisted [?] at Camp Cadwalader Phila

I am Lieut Very Respectfully
Jos H Sinex
Lt Col Comd'g
[source: regimental orders book]
[see letter, Sinex to Fowler, 28 April 1864, for the final figures]

Head Quarters 91st P.V.V
April 27th 1864

Company Commanders will send in at once the Number of Men present in the Army who will be discharged this year, also the Number of Men likely to join the Regt soon whose term of Service will expire this year

By Command of
Joseph H. Sinex
Lt Col Comdg
Howard W. Shipley
Lt & Actg Adjt

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