91st PA--orders, 4 July 1864

Orders, 4 July 1864

[source: regimental letters book; the company E orders book has an excerpt, which differs in minor ways and in adding "B J Tayman Adjt" at the end]
[Some men had been detailed for duty in brigade hq on 6 June 1864]

Head Quarters 91st Reg. Pa. Vols.
July 4th 1864
Special Orders No 61

In pursuance to Orders from Brig Head Qurs the following named enlisted men are hereby detailed for duty at Brig. Head Qurs. and will report for duty at once

xCorplJohn BeidelCo "A"91st Penna. Vols[color bearer]
xPrivateJohn Vanderslice" "" " "[cook]
xMusicianGeorge McNeille" "" " "[clerk]
x"Wm W. Widdifield" "D"" " "[orderly]
xPrivateJacob S. Smith" "I"" " "
x"Patrick Costello" "" " "Pioneer
x"Wm Beal" C" " "
x"Alex O. Earnest" E" " "
x"Samuel Edwards" B" " "Pioneer
x"John Toland [Anthony Toland?]" "" " ""
x"William Vance" K" " "
x"Peter McCullough" F" " "Pioneer
x"George Dawson" L62nd " "
x"S. B. Tipton" M" " "

By Order of
Eli G Sellers
Capt. Commdg.
[source: regimental letters book]
[He also received a commission as first lieutenant on 6 September 1864, and was then still a sergeant (letter, Sellers to Bennett, 6 September 1864).]

Head Quarters 91st Reg. Pa Vols
near Petersburg Va July 4th 1864

I have the honor to request that Sergt. John Hamill Co D 91st Pa Vols be discharged to enable him to be mustered as 2nd Lieut of said Company he having received a commission from the Governor of Pennsylvania July 4th/64 Dated June 23rd/64

This Company has 37 Enlisted Men for duty and a Total of present and absent of 74 with but one (1) Commissioned Officer namely 1st Lt. James B Diehl

No of Officers in Regt23
" " Men " "509
" " Officers " Co1
" " Men " "74

The Commission of Sergt John Hamill is herewith enclosed

I am Captain
Very Respectfully
Your Obdt Servt
Eli G Sellars
Capt. Commdg
[source: regimental letters book]
[Foust was discharged by general order on 8 April 1865]

Head Quarters Co F 91st Reg Pa Vols
July 4th 1864
B. J. Tayman
1st Lt. & Adjt 91st P.V.V.

I have the honor to make the following report concerning Corporal Oscar Foust Co F 91st P.V.V. mustered into the service of the United States October 25th 1861 by Lieut. Matthew Hall for the period of three Years. When mustered into the service of the United States he made a statement to the mustering Officer that he was 18 yrs of Age and had his parents [sic] consent, which I believe to be the truth, he had every appearance of being the Age he was mustered to. There was no complaint made by his parents when mustered he always performed his duties never having been sick while with the company

Deserted the Company June 11th 1862 when they were on duty at Alexandria Va

I am Sir Very Respectfully
Your Obdt Servt
William E Michaels
2nd Lt Commdg Company

Head Quarters 91st Reg Pa Vols
Near Petersburg Va. July 4th 1864
Major Samuel Breck
Asst. Adjt. Genl.

In Obedience to instructions, I have the honor to transmit herewith the Statement of Wm E Michaels [2nd] Lieut Commdg Co F 91st Reg Pa. Vols in reference to the case of Oscar Foust

I am Major
Very Respectfully
Your Obdt Servt
Eli G Sellers
Capt Commdg
[source: regimental letters book]
[related file: details]

Head Quarters 91st Reg Pa. Vols
July 4th 1864
Capt C C Bennett
Asst. Adjt. Genl.

I have the honor to furnish the names of the following Enlisted men to represent the command for Provost Guard and Pioneer Corps at Brig Head Qrs

Provost Guard
PrivateWilliam BealCoC91st P.V.V.
"Alex O. Earnest"E " " " "
"Wm Vance"K" " " "
"George Dawson"L62nd " " "
"S. B. Tipton"M" " " "

Pioneer Corps
PrivateSamuel EdwardsCoB91st P.V.V.
"John Toland""" " " "
[this is Anthony Toland; John Toland (co. K) was discharged in 1862]
"Peter McCullough "F " " " "
"Patrick Costello "I " " " "
[note: the two tables are next to each other in the manuscript]
I am Captain
Very Respectfully
Your Obdt. Sevt
Eli G. Sellers
Capt. Commdg

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