91st PA--orders, 21 July 1864

Orders, 21 July 1864

[source: regimental orders book]
[They were reassigned to company K (following brigade HQ instructions) by special order 66, HQ 91st PA, 22 July 1864]
[McCandless is reported present in s.o.66, which lists assignments away from the regiment; the status of the others is the same.]

Head Quarters 91st Regt Pa. Vols
July 21st 1864
Special Orders No 65 [sic; I assume they reused the number by mistake]

Independent Companies "L." & "M." 62nd Pa Vols having been transferred to this command in compliance with Special Order No 159 dated Head Quarters 5th Corps July 2nd /64 to serve the balance of their term of Service

The following named Officers & Enlisted men are hereby assigned to Co "G" Capt Sellers

1st LieutR. N. MartinCo. "M"  PrivateRainard AnthonyCo. "M"
1st Sergt.John R. Garden" "  "John Clark" "
2nd "Matthew C Wilson" "  "Benjamin Frederick" "
MusicianEdward J. Garden" "  "James Fitzimmons" "
PrivateJohn Blumm" L  "John Hamilton" "
"Reuben Chafee" "  "William Norton" "
"Phillip Demmil" "  "Oscar T. K. Trintzler [sic; sc. Printzler]" "
"George Dawson" "  "William Rumbaugh" "
"John Doring" "  "William Spade [sic; sc. Shade" "
"Henry Miller" "  "John Shaffer" "
"Robert Morley" "  "Elisha Stoughton" "
"Peter Wilson" "  "Samuel W. Seybert" "
 Absent   "Fredrick Stolla [sic; sc. Stotta]" "
"Adolph Bankers" "  "Samuel B. Tipton" "
"Martin Kniter [sic; sc. ? Knittle]" "   Absent 
"Francis Kerer" "  "Jacob Appell
"John S. McFarland" "  "Reuben Berger
"John Swartz" "  "David Baughman
"Amos W. Savage" "  "Jonathan Durrell
"William Tucker" "  "James Freeman
"Sylvester Jordan" "M"  "Matthew Hanna
"William Lindsay" "  "Martin J. Murray
"David McCandless" "  "William McIntyre
"Samuel Nicodemus" "  "William O. Conner
"James B. Steelle" "  "John Baker

By Order of
John D. Lentz
Major Commdg
B. J. Tayman

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