91st PA--letters, 25 July 1864

Letters and orders, 25 July 1864

[source: regimental letters book]

Head Quarters 91st Reg Pa Vols
July 25th 1864
Capt. E. C. Bennett
A. A. A. Genl.

In compliance with circular from Corps Hd Qrs of this date "relative to the number of musicians in this command; I have the honor to make the following report

[I have rotated the table to make it easier to read]
  Command 91st P.V.V.
PresentBandmen [?] 0
Buglers 1
Drummers 11
Total 12
Absent Bandmen [?] 0
Buglers 0
Drummers 5
Total 5
  Aggregate 17
Remarks   two (2) on duty at Brig. Hd Qrs.
One (1) " " " Div Hospital
One (1) " " " Qr. Mr. Depot.
One (1) absent without leave (said to be in Hospital City Point)

I am Captain
Very Respectfully Yours &c
John D. Lentz
Major Com.
[source: regimental orders book]

Head Quarters Middle Department
Eight [sic] Army Corps
Baltimore July 25th 1864
Special Order No 184
(Extract) x x x x x x

VI 1st Lieut. James B Diehl Company "D" 91st Regt Penna Vols Infantry, and Aide-de-Camp to Brig Genl E B Tyler having tendered his resignation on account of Surgeon's certificate of disability, is hereby honorably discharged the Service of the United States with condition that he shall receive no final payment until he has satisfied the pay Department that he is not indebted to the Government

x x x x x
By Command of Major Genl Wallace
(Signed) Samuel B Lawrence
Asst Adjt Genl
Head Qrs 1st Separate Brigade 8th A.C.
Relay House Md July 25th 1864
Official (Signed) Francis J D Webb
Capt & A.A.A.G.
Head Quarters 91st Regt PV
August 1st 1864
Official (Signed) B J Tyman [sic]
1st Lieut & Adjt

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