91st PA--letters and orders, 9 September 1864

Letters and orders, 9 September 1864

[source: regimental letters book]

Head Quarters 91st Regt Pa Vet Vols
September 9th 1864
Capt E C Bennett
A. A. A. Genl.

I have the honor to request that the following be forwarded to the Commanding General of the Army

The enclosed application was made to the A. C. M. of Div. to have certain enlisted men discharged by reason of expiration of term of Service but was returned with the endorsement "referring to Circular No 36 1864 A. G. O

There appears [sic] to be different opinions as to the provisions of this Circular the practice of some A. C. Ms being to muster out men as their term of Service expires, and others to refuse. I therefore feel it due to those of this command to make this appeal to settle the question and if consistent request that the men whose names appear on the enclosed list be discharged as they shall have served their term of enlistment without reference to the date of their company organization.

Without desiring to be considered as presuming to discuss the question I feel that I will be pardoned for presenting to the General Commanding what I understand to be the meaning of that portion of Circular No 36 referring to the discharge of enlisted men in Veteran Regiments as their time expires viz:--

Paras 1 and 2 of General Remarks allude to organizations only and not to fractional parts. Paragr 4 giving in detail the discharge of enlisted men, refers to fractional parts of Commands and concludes by directing that where questions arise they shall be referred to Army or Department commanders.

On this Subject, Questions have arisen. some men were mustered out and others denied the ACMs acting in pursuance of their various convictions as to the meaning of the Circular

As a further illustration notice was received at these Hd Qrs that Corpl James P Gessler Co "C" 91st Regt P.V. [crossed out: V.] was mustered out at Philad. August 20th /64 the date of his expiration of Service while those who enlisted on the same day (and are now with the Army) are held until Sept 20th 64 [Bates has him discharged on 3 September 1864]

The list includes all whose term [crossed out: of] expires on or before the date of the organization of the Regt Dec 4th 1864

[Crossed out: The] I make this appeal in behalf of men who have always done their duty faithfully and trust that it will meet with the favorable consideration of the General Commanding

I am Capt
Very Respectfully
Your &c
(Sigd) Eli G Sellers
Capt Commdg
[source: regimental orders book]

Hd. Qrs 91st Regt P.V.V
September 9. 1864
Special Orders No [blank]

Capt J. F. Casner Comd. Co. K. will issue to Lieut John Hamill Comd. Co. D the Surplus Ordnance & Stores on hand in his Compy

By Command of
Eli G. Sellers
Capt. Commandg
H. W. Shipley
Lt. and A.A.
[source: regimental orders book]

Head Quarters 91st Reg. Pa Vet. Vols
September 9nt 1864
Special Order No 74

Private David Buchanan Co. "D" is hereby detailed as Hospital Attendant vice Andrew J Flemming discharged

By Order of
Eli G. Sellers
Capt Commdg
B J. Tayman

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