91st PA--orders, 19 November 1864

Orders, 19 November 1864


general order 60, hq 1st div 5th corps (court martial of Joseph Green)

special order 288, hq 5th corps (reassignment of John McConnell)

letter, Sellers to Bartlett, 19 November 1864

[source: company E orders book]

Head Quarters 1st Division 5th Corps
November 19th 1864
General Orders No 60

II Before a General Court martial of which E S Penny [?] 185th N.Y. Vols. is President Convened at Hd. Qrs. 1st Division 5th Corps By Virtue of Genl Orders No 58 from these Head Quarters. Were arraigned and tried.

x x x x x x x x x x

Private Joseph Green Co. "E" 91st Penna Vet Vols Infantry
Charge 1st "Absence without Leave"
Charge 2nd "misbehavour [sic] before the Enemy."
Findings Charge 1st Guilty
" " " 2nd Guilty

Sentence - to forfeit to U.S. ten Dollars per month of his monthly pay for Six months

II The Proceedings findings and Sentence in the foregoing Cases are approved.

By Command of
Brig Genl Griffith

Geo Monteith
A. A. Genl.

[source: company E orders book]

Head Quarters 5th Army Corps.
November 19th 1864
Special Orders No 288

III The following named enlisted men heretofore Detailed with Battery "D." 5th U.S. Artillery are assighned [sic] for temporary Duty in the Qr. Mr. Dept. of the artillery Brigade.
x x x x x x
Private John McConnell Co "E." 91st Penna Vols
x x x x x x

By Command of
Maj Genl Warren

A. S Marvin
A. A. G.
[source: regimental letters book]
[Casner received a brevet appointment as Major]

Hd Qrs 91st Regt. Pa V. Vols
November 19" 1864"
Lieut L C Bartlett
A A A Genl

In Compliance with orders from your Hd Qrs of this date I have the honor to recommend that the following be appointed by Brevet

Capt. John F Casnerto dateOct 27" 1864
Capt. James H Closson" "" 28" 1864
for meritorious conduct during the engagement at Hatchers Run Va

Color Sergeant Archibald Nimmo to date June 18" 1864 for meritorious conduct in carrying the colors during the two Charges on the day he being wounded in the latter

I am Lieut
Very Respectfully &c
Eli G Sellers
Lieut Col Commdg

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