91st PA--orders, 7 January 1865

Orders, 7 January 1865

[source: regimental orders book]

Hd Qrs 91st Pa V Vols
January 7" 1865
Special Orders No 3

The following promotions are hereby ordered in this Regiment to take effect from the date set opposite their names

1CorporalEdward GambleCo "B"to beSergtJanuary 1 [?]
2"Donald Knox" "" """ "
3PrivateJohn Graham" "" """ "
4SergtFranklin WolfingerCo "A"" "1st SergtJany 7 [???]
5"Robert Boyd" "A" [?]" "Regt Com. SergtJa [illegible end of line]
6PrivateGeo B Kenworthy" C" SergtJany 1 [??]
7SergtWm Letourneau" G" "1st Sergt" 1 [??]

[no signature]
[the ends of the lines of the table are very hard to read]

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