91st PA--letters and orders, 27 April 1865

Letters and orders, 27 April 1865

[source: regimental letters book]

Hd Qrs 91st Pa V Vols
April 27' 1865'
Capt E S Farnsworth
A A A Genl

In Compliance with orders from your Hd Qrs I have the honor to recommend that the following be Appointed by Brevet

Major John F Casner

Capt William E Michael

Capt Theo A Hope

1s Lieut John L Graham

For meritorious conduct during the late campaign

I am Capt &c
Eli G. Sellers
Lieut Col Comming
[source: regimental orders book]

Hd Qrs 91st Pa V Vols
April 27" 1865
Special Orders No 25

The following promotions are hereby ordered in this regiment to take effect from the 1st of April

CorporalJames ChismCo Bto beSergt
"Samuel Leforge" "" ""
PrivateEdwd C Sykes" "" "Corpl
"Herman Kurtz" "" ""
"Japhet Warren" "" ""
"Alexd Ickes" "" ""
"Imanuel Long" "" ""
[the next line is crossed out]
SergtWilliam Cloud" K" "1st Sergt
CorplWilliam Vance" "" "Sergt
[the next line is crossed out]
"Wilfred Bywater" "" "Sergt
PrivatePhillip Demmel" "" "Corpl
"Peter Herdenbaugh" "" ""
"John Doring" "" ""
"Martin Murray" "" ""
"John Schwartz" "" ""
"Ruben [crossed out:] Berger" "" ""
SergtJohn A Langerbartel" G" "1stSergt
CorplThomas Taylor" "" "Sergt
"Franklin Osborne" "" ""
PrivateHarry Abbett" "" ""
"George Werkiser" "" "Corpl
"William Kilburn" "" ""
"Daniel Shumber" "" ""
CorplJohn Denning" F" "Sergt
PrivtIsaac Goodman" "" "Corpl
"Absalam Shell" "" ""
"James Nugent" "" ""
CorplWilliam Bailey" D" "Sergt
MusicianWalter W Widdifield" "" "Corpl
PrivtCharles O Connell" "" ""
CorplCharles Lafferty" I" "Sergt
PrivateGeorge Miller" "" "Corpl
Thomas G Walker" "" ""
PrivtCharles Smith" "" ""

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