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  • 'Our illustrious dead', Philadelphia Inquirer 20 July 1865 page 2
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    #1 Philadelphia Inquirer 20 July 1865 page 2 OUR ILLUSTRIOUS DEAD. List of Inscriptions on Head-boards of Deceased Union Soldiers. PETERSBURG, BERMUDA HUNDRED, CITY POINT, DANVILLE, &c., &c. Continued from Yesterday's "Inquirer."

    We continue this morning the list of inscriptions taken from the head-boards of deceased Union soldiers who died and were buried in the South, and near their respective prisons. The list is furnished THE INQUIRER by the Christian Commission, and has been carefully prepared. [...]

    Buried in Depot Field Hospital Cemetery, at City Point, Va:--

    [....] J. Bunting, 91st Pennsylvania [no company listed], [...] James Hutchings, K, 91st Pennsylvania, [...] Chas. Crist, H, 91st Pennsylvania, [...] Sergeant L. Brophy, E, 91st Pennsylvania, [...] James S. Thompson, II, 91st Pennsylvania. [...]

    Inclosed on Prince George Road, half a mile east of Meade Station:-- [...] Charles Thomas, A, 91st Pennsylvania, [...] James Hood, H, 91st Pennsylvania., [...] William McKee, B, 91st Pennsylvania, William D. Miller, B, 91st Pennsylvania, [...] Joseph H. Bricket, E, 91st Pennsylvania, [...] John Keys, H, 91st Pennsylvania, [...]

    Large Yard west of Parke Station:-- [...] Sergeant Fitz Simmons, K, 91st Pennsylvania. [...]

    On Peeble's Farm:--

    [...] A. Baker, C, 91st Pennsylvania. [...]

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