91st PA--accidents

Accidental injuries and deaths

Francis Carrigan (E)
killed accidentally, on 23 May 1865, by being run over by a railroad train, which cut off his left arm and leg
James Etter (D)
accidentally injured in neck and shoulders, when he fell out of a wagon he had been loading, because the wagon was started unexpectedly
David Ginther (A)
'wounded in the foot with an axe clearing the timber before action' near Petersburg, Virginia, on 30 March 1865; died 8 May 1865 of those wounds
George Hampton (E)
accidentally wounded in his shoulder, in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, in August 1861
George Hollick (E)
hernia from lifting beef
Lawrence Humphries (H)
killed accidentally, Washington DC, 16 Apr 62 [later report: a charge of drunkenness against him was removed; he either was "brutally murdered, or met his death by stumbling over blocks of marble and striking his head against cog-wheels at the Capitol extension"]
Jacob Keesey (H)
accidentally injured on right side
William McLaughlin (B)
killed accidentally at Philadelphia PA by a fall while on duty
Samuel Mock (B)
received a back injury when he was helping carry logs to build winter quarters, and others dropped the other end (1 November 1864) (description)
William Redheffer (A)
accidentally killed on 2 May 1864, at the Delaware Junction of the Philadelphia, Wilmington, and Baltimore Railroad, when he was pulled out of a railroad car when his feet, dangling out of the car, caught on a bridge
Robert Sinex (D)
December 1861, accidentally cut with a sword; lost several pieces of bone from his left leg, below his knee
Thomas Tully (E)
accidentally wounded in hand, at Washington DC; lost finger
Benjamin Vaughen (B)
killed accidentally, at Alexandria VA, 4 Jul 62, by a fall, while in confinement [the Philadelphia death certificate adds that he fell from a window while in hospital at Alexandria VA]
Joseph Whitaker (G)
accidentally wounded by ramrod being run through his right hand
Samuel Wilson (D)
fell down stairs in dark while on detail searching for contraband in engine house, Alexandria VA

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