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91st PA--Council of administration

Council of administration

"When an invoice of goods was received at a post, the commanding officer ordered his three officers next in line to himself, to convene as a post council or a council of administration, to examine the articles and affix to each a reasonable price. This council, besides regulating his prices and determining what he could carry in stock, sometimes decreed that a small part of his profits be allotted to the post fund for social activities or the like." (James J. Curto, Sutlers and their tokens 1861-1866 (The rebellion tokens of the United States), reprinted from The Numismatist, 1962, page 9).

Eli Sellers, John Casner, and James Closson were appointed to a council of administration on 28 March 1864 (special order 30, HQ 91st PA, 28 Mar 64).

John Casner (K), Matthew Hall, Francis Gregory were appointed a council of administration on 24 September 1864 (special order 85, HQ 91st PA, 24 Sep 64).

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