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91st PA--Alderman Lentz

Alderman Lentz

Alderman Samuel Lentz was the brother of John D Lentz, initially captain of company E, and then the regiment's major (until September 1864). While the regiment was still in Philadelphia, he arranged for some men to be transported by omnibus to their election sites, and gave them lists of officials to vote for, which apparently caused some controversy. He also visited the regiment in Washington DC, and took money home for some men, which at least Henry G Mathes claimed was 'the safest way' to send money home.


'The sheriff contested election case', Philadelphia Press Monday 23 June 1862, page 4
Alderman Lentz arranged transportation from the camp to their election districts, and gave the men 'tickets of the People's party', which apparently listed people running for office
testimony of Joseph H Budd, 23 October 1864, in dependent's pension certificate file, WC 98,917 (Frederica Mathers mother of Henry George Mathers (90th Pennsylania))
Alderman Lentz of Philadelphia was the brother of John D Lentz, captain of company E
letter, Henry G Mathes to his mother, 11 February 1862, Washington DC
'I send the money with Alderman Lentz who takes all the boys [sic] money home for them which I think is the safest way'.
Biddle's and McElroy's Philadelphia directory, 1862, page 384, available on Fold3 (accessed 24 December 2014)
'Lentz Samuel, alderman, 612 Wharton'
'Lentz Samuel, alderman, N E Passyunk & Reed, h 612 Wharton'
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