91st PA--awol

91st PA--absences without leave

[This list is incomplete.]

did not report when the regiment returned to the army from veterans' leave

see veterans--men who went AWOL for more information

In a letter dated 20 April 1862, Henry Mathers reassured his mother that although some men were home on "french leave", he wasn't going to disgrace himself by doing that.


On 31 May 1864, company B reported 14 men absent without leave: John Baird, John Carrol, Ashman C Daballad, Philip Daly, Samuel Edward, Wm S Johnson, John Marshall, Wm McGevy, William McVeigh [?], John A Mootheart, William Sutton, James Sutton, John Thompson, and Henry Wilson [?].

Three men were reported AWOL in June 1865 on the company K monthly report:

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