91st PA--brevet appointments

91st PA--Brevet appointments

On 19 November 1864, Sellers recommended for brevet appointments: capt John F Casner, effective 27 October 1864, and capt James H Closson, effective "28" 1864, both for meritorious conduct during Hatchers Run; and color sgt Archibald Nimmo, effective 18 June 1864, for meritorious conduct in carrying the colors during the two charges then [letter].

On 27 April 1865, Sellers recommended brevet appointments for: maj John F Casner, capt William E Michael, capt Theo A Hope, 1st lt John L Graham "For meritorious conduct during the late campaign" [letter, Sellers to Farnsworth, 27 Apr 65].

According to Sellers, on 19 Jan 65 the only brevetted officers were Gregory and Casner; I don't know why he doesn't list Tayman--perhaps his appointment (effective August 1864) hadn't been announced [letter].

John Casner
appointed brevet major, effective 27 October 1864
Edgar Gregory
appointed brevet brigadier general, effective 30 September 1864;
appointed brevet major general effective 9 August 1866
Benjamin Tayman
appointed brevet captain 18 August 1864
(Bates has him appointed brevet colonel, but I'm following the Official army register here)
George Todd
appointed brevet lieutenant colonel effective 13 December 1862

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