91st PA--camp rules and property

91st PA--camp rules and property

See general order 46, 91st PA, 4 September 1862

On 19 June 1863, Sinex reminded the QM that no one could leave camp without a pass from regimental HQ approved by brigade HQ

The 91st received a special order from brigade HQ on 12 Aug 63 about duties and exercises in camp.

See circular, HQ 91st PA, 15 Aug 1863.

On 14 December 1863, Sinex ordered company commanders to keep their men in camp and not to allow them to fire pieces without special permission.

On 16 January 1865, men were not allowed to leave camp.

See circular, HQ 91st PA, 9 March 1864 (about comdemning camp and garrison equippage)

See circular and spec circular, HQ 91st PA, 13 September 1864

See circular, 15 Oct 64

special order 119, HQ 91st PA, 24 Dec 64: chimneys of company quarters must be at least 18 inches above the canvas; company street is space next to the chimney; stumps must all be cut off even with the ground

special order 7, HQ 91st PA, 25 January 1865: (1) company commanders to have their company streets & quarters policed immediately, (2) each company to have a pit dug on the parade ground on a line with chimneys 2 feet from the trench and partially covered, and (3) all wood used by companies to be cut on parade ground opposite the company tents and within 6 paces of the trench

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