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91st PA--camps Chase and Edwards

91st PA--Camps Chase and Edwards

Camp Chase was the site of Edgar Gregory's regiment. (The regiment's headquarters, however, were at Girard House, on Chestnut Street, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.) It was on the Darby road, about three-quarters of a mile below Gray's Ferry Bridge. The tent location had "a fine growth of trees" on the east, "ample drainage" to the south, and a large space in front of the tents for drills and dress parades. On 26 September, he had not yet taken possession of the site, but was going to do so soon. On 29 September, religious services were held there, at 4 PM, with Reverend Seiz officiating, with "crowds of visitors" at the camp. (Behind the speaker, large kettles of coffee were heating.) A "benefit" was held for them at the Academy of Music in the middle of October, with the music arranged by Professor DeWolowski. On 7 November, they took part in a procession honoring Colonel ED Baker. Two privates had a fight there on 3 November, which Colonel Gregory broke up; one of the privates had severe facial lacerations. An early newspaper article describes the 91st as "a splendid regiment", with men who "are not only above the average in size, but are also well disciplined, obedient and steady". All men were ordered to report to camp on 24 December 1861, perhaps because the regiment ate their Christmas dinner at the Union Volunteer Refreshment Committee's Saloon, at the foot of Washington Street. (They caught a deserter on 28 December 1861.) On 21 January 1862, William McConnell was struck in the head with a musket at Camp Chase; although the wound was not serious, he was admitted to Pennsylvania Hospital. The regiment left camp on 21 January 1862.

Camp Edwards was the site of Edward Wallace's regiment, before it was combined with Colonel Gregory's. It was on Islington Lane, across from Odd Fellows' Cemetery. On 19 and 26 September, his regiment was apparently in camp.



Both camps

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Camp Edwards

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