91st PA--discharges

91st PA--Discharges


Miscellaneous notes

On 31 May 1865, John Graham (E) was ordered to lead men who had been mustered out to the PA rendezvous

I have transcriptions of discharge paperwork relating to pay for William Johnson and Thomas Veach (supplied by Dennis Clowney).

On 17 July 1864, Lentz reported that 12 men from the 91st (4 present, 8 absent) were scheduled to be discharged on 20 Aug 64, and 81 men from the 62nd (44 present, 37 absent) on 9 August.

On 6 October 1864, Sellers reported that no one had been discharged from May through August 1864, and 2 officers and 24 enlisted men (2 & 14 present, 0 & 10 absent) had been discharged in September.

On 1 January 1865, Sellers transmitted paperwork for discharges "recommended by the Board instituted by S. O. 167. Div. Hd Qrs" [letter, Sellers to Bartlett, 1 Jan 65].

On 22 February 1865, Sellers reported that no [?] officers were entitled to be mustered out of service.

[sources include company E descriptive roll, Bates]

According to Bates, Patrick Donnelly (H) deserted, but according to the 1890 veterans' census, he was discharged on 12 Dec 64--since he had served for 3 years, 0 months, and 0 days, perhaps he was discharged because his term of service had expired.

age-related reasons

being under age

[see men released on habeas corpus for what is probably a more complete list]

being over age

dishonorable discharge

discharge (unspecified reason)

accepting commission

transfer to another regiment

various special and general orders


dropped from the rolls (unspecified reason)

absent when the regiment mustered out

not accounted for

not on muster-out roll

for promotion


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