91st PA--draftees

91st PA--Draftees


number of draftees

final disposition


act of 3 March 1863 [separate file]


Joseph Webb (E) was transferred on 26 February 1864 to the 71st Pennsylvania, "being a drafted man", according to the consolidated morning report. That suggests the 91st was accepting only volunteers then. Perhaps Bates notes that the 91st received 100 drafted men on 14 October 1864 because they were the first drafted men the regiment received (Bates p.192). (But Bates has draftees mustering in in 1863, including Peter Cressline, who mustered in on 13 July 1863.)

Number of draftees

Bates lists 312 draftees.

(Bates p.192 says 100 drafted men were received on 14 October 1864; in a letter of 15 Oct 64, Sellers says he received 100 drafted men and substitutes on the 14th). Sellers asked for a medical officer, apparently to examine them, on 23 October [letter].
53transferred from 118th PA Volunteer Infantry
23transferred from 62nd PA Volunteer Infantry

However, a letter of 19 July 1864, from Lentz to Bennett, claims that 15 present and 19 absent (total 34) draftees from the 62nd PA "were to remain" (perhaps after 25 August 1864?).

On 28 August 1863, the regiment received an order from Army of Potomac hq about the disposition of drafted men. On 28 August 1863, Lieutenants Carpenter and Shipley were detailed to bring recruits to camp from the railroad station (special order 63, HQ 91st PA, 28 Aug 63). These may have been draftees, since on the 29th, Lieutenant Kayser was ordered to take charge of "conscripts", with Sergeant O'Connell and Corporal Marple detailed for duty with them (special orders 64-66, HQ 91st PA, 29 Aug 63). Perhaps the letter the 91st received on 28 August 1863, about the arrival of drafted men, is about this group.

Final disposition

177mustered out with company/regiment
76discharged by general order
10deserted (3%)
9discharged by special order
9absent, sick, at muster out
5absent, in hospital, at muster out
4discharged on surgeon's certificate
2transferred to Veterans' Reserve Corps
2mustered out by general order
2absent, in arrest, at muster out
2absent, on furlough, at muster out
1transferred to 117th PA Volunteer Infantry
1discharged [unspecified]

Names of draftees

(preliminary list)

Aarons, James (F)

Adams, David (F)

Adams, John Q (G)

Aemigh, John G (G)

Allabough, Joseph (F)

Allen, Samuel (G)

Anderson, JC (B)

Ankeney, Andrew (B)

Anthony, Rinard S (K, from 62nd PA)

Appel, Jacob (K, from 62nd PA)

Austin, William (I)

Baker, Benjamin (B)

Baker, John (B) (from 118th PA)

Baker, John (K) (from 62nd PA)

Barclay, Jacob (B)

Barnett, Daniel (D)

Bartolette, Abner (B)

Boyle, Robert (I)

Bender, John W (G) (almost certainly not actually drafted, but listed in Bates as drafted)

Benford, William (B)

Bennett, George (F)

Bennett, Henry (I)

Bennett, Joseph (F)

Berger, Reuben (K) (from 62nd PA)

Berkey, Annanias (B)

Berkheimer, William (B)

Black, Daniel (H)

Blocker, William (F)

Blum, John (K) (from 62nd PA)

Bolin, Jacob (G)

Booth, Osborn (A, from 118th PA)

Bowen, Alva B (C)

Bowman, William (B)

Bowne, Monroe (from 118th PA, F)

Boyer, Levi (B)

Braun, Daniel (G) [according to Bates, but probably not really]

Breghner, Francis (F)

Brenizer, Washington (G)

Bricker, Samuel (B)

Brindlinger, John (B)

Brough, Andrew (F)

Browning, James (F)

Buckley, Joseph (F, from 118th PA)

Burkett, Elias (G)

Burkett, William (B)

Burns, George (C)

Camplain, Lewis (G)

Carbough, Henry (F)

Cauffman, John (F)

Chafee, Reuben (from 62nd, K)

Clark, Phillip (I)

Cline, David (F)

Cline, John (F)

Coleman, Joseph (B)

Collins, Isaiah (F)

Condon, Patrick (F--but actually from A 118th PA)

Conner, Henry (G)

Cook, Kersey (F)

Cooley, David (F)

Corle, Francis (G)

Corle, Jonathan (G)

Cowden, Alexander (F, from 118th PA)

Cox, Isaac (B)

Crane, Benjamin (I)

Creelman, Hazlett (H)

Cressline, Peter (K)

Croak, John (F, from 118th PA)

Cross, George (A)

Crum, Amos (F)

Dasney, John (F, from 118th PA)

Deihl, Adam (F)

Deitrick, Daniel (G)

Denslow, Lewis (A)

Dernell, JK (K) (from 62nd)

Deweese, Draper (H)

Doan, John (F, from 118th PA)

Dowd, Martin (F, from 118th PA)

Eck, Daniel (A)

Elbin, Otho (I)

Embody, Daniel (B)

Eppleman, Christian (F)

Eyre, John (B)

Feathers, Josiah (G)

Feighter, John G (B)

Felix, John (A)

Finley, George (H)

Finn, John (C)

Fisher, Jacob (I)

Frankler, Daniel (G)

Freed, William (F)

Freeman, James (K) (from 62nd PA)

Friday, John (I)

Fuller, William (C)

Garland, David (I)

Garn, Daniel (G)

Garner, Charles (G)

Garshall, Alonzo (D)

Gordan, George (G)

Gradwohl, Andrew (G)

Grazier, Jeremiah (I)

Grubb, George (H)

Hamilton, John (K, from 62nd PA)

Hamlin, Isaac (B)

Hanna, Matthew (K, from 62nd PA)

Harman, George (G)

Harvey, William (F, from 118th PA)

Hause, Jacob (unassigned, from 118th PA)

Heavener, Michael (F)

Heisey, John (C)

Heller, William (F)

Hendricks, Jacob (G)

Hersh, John (G)

Hight, John (D)

Hoak, Xopher (B)

Hoasse, Ephraim (I, from 118th PA)

Hopkins, Isaac (B)

Hostler, William (I, from 118th PA)

Houseworth, Valentine (G) (from 118th PA)

Howell, George (E) (from 118th PA)

Hymes, Thomas (I)

Ickes, Alexander (B)

Ickes, Daniel (I)

Ike, Jerry (D)

Imled, Adam (B)

Imled, Martin (B)

Imled, William (B)

Innis, David (B)

Irwin, John (A)

Jay, Thomas (F)

Johnson, Abel (A)

Johnson, Asa (F)

Johnson, Emanuel (F)

Johnson, John J (F)

Johnson, William P (F)

Jones, Theodore (F)

Jones, William (F, from 118th PA)

Keith, Thomas (D)

Kensil, William (G)

Kerer, Francis (K) (from 62nd PA)

Kilburn, William (G)

Kiscaden, George (B) (from 118th PA)

Knight, George (G)

Knipe, John A (A)

Knittle, Martin (K) (from 62nd PA)

Knox, James (C)

Kreiger, Lorenzo (B)

Kressler, Isaac (G) (from 118th PA)

Kressler, William (G) (from 118th PA)

Lancaster, John (F, from 118th PA)

Landingburg, H (H)

Lane, William (G) (from 118th PA)

Lashly, John (F)

Lawrence, Francis (F)

Leasure, John (F)

Lechron, William (C)

Leedy, Jacob (C)

Lingenfetter, David (B)

Livingston, Daniel (F)

Lohr, Daniel (B)

Loveless, Robert (F, from 118th PA)

Malcomson, Samuel (C)

Mallon, James (C, from 118th PA)

Manning, Asher (G)

Manuel, Albert T (G)

Markley, Daniel (F)

Markley, John (B) (from 118th)

Marshall, Aleysius (F)

Martin, George (F)

Mathews, Barney (I)

Mauch, John (I, from 118th PA)

McCandless, David (K, from 62nd PA)

McCans, Howard (G)

McClane, William (F)

McCleaf, Francis (A)

McGovern, Patrick (G, from 118th PA)

McGregor, Elisha (I)

Meals, David (G)

Megonigal, Charles (F) (from 118th PA)

Miller, George (I)

Miller, Henry (K) (from 62nd PA)

Miller, Jefferson (F, from 118th PA)

Miller, John (I)

Miller, John A (F)

Miller, Michael (C)

Mock, Samuel (I)

Mock, Samuel (B)

Mock, William (I)

Morgan, Isacher (G)

Moyers, David (G)

Mullen, Hezekiah (H)

Mullen, Lawrence (F, from 118th PA)

Murray, Martin (K) (from 62nd PA)

Myers, Charles (E)

Neff, Edwin (B)

Neorhod, Henry (I)

O'Conner, William (K) (from 62nd PA)

Orner, Daniel (H)

Oster, Samuel (B)

Oyler, Zachariah (F)

Pearson, Joseph (C, from 118th PA)

Peddicord, John (A)

Peecher, Isaac (A)

Pennell, Andrew (F)

Pentzell, Deitrick (G) (from 118th PA)

Perdue, Hiram (F)

Peters, Jesse (F)

Phelps, Henry (F, from 118th)

Pitman, John (I)

Pottenturf, Jacob (G)

Price, William (F, from 118th PA)

Printzler, Oscar (K) (from 62nd PA)

Rambo, William (C, from 118th PA)

Rasenke, Herman (E) 28 March 1865

Ratzell, Alfred (B, from 118th PA)

Recraft, Robert (I, from 118th PA)

Reed, Benjamin (C)

Reilly, William (A)

Rice, Absolam (C)

Rice, Cornelius (B)

Rickroad, John (F)

Rienker, Elias (I, from 118th PA)

Riley, William (G, from 118th PA)

Rinehart, Anthony (F, from 118th PA)

Roberts, Owen (C, from 118th PA, not in Bates)

Robinson, James (F)

Rogers, Edward (H)

Roster, John (G, from 118th)

Roxworth, John (F)

Rumbaugh, William (K) (from 62nd PA)

Russell, Abraham (D)

Russell, David (D)

Russell, Isaac (D)

Russell, John (D)

Sanders, William (A)

Schwartz, John (K) (from 62nd PA)

Seher, Henry (F) (from 118th PA)

Sell, Reuben (B)

Sewell, George (-)

Shaalas, Hiram (B)

Shaffer, Zachariah (F)

Shane, Joseph (F)

Shane, Michael (F, from 118th PA)

Shilling, Charles (F)

Shinn, Mordecai (C, from 118th PA)

Shrader, Alexander (F)

Shriner, Benjamin (A)

Shubert, Henry (D, from 118th PA)

Siglin, Solomon (F, from 118th PA)

Small, Jerome (F)

Smaltz, Charles (C)

Smith, Bartly (I)

Smith, David (I)

Smith, David D (I, from 118th PA)

Smith, Isaac W (F)

Smith, John R (C, from 118th PA) [maybe a substitute!]

Smith, Lewis (I)

Smith, Samuel (D)

Smith, Thomas (F, from 118th PA)

Smith, Thomas H (I, from 118th PA)

Smith, William H (A)

Smoure, Abner (C)

Snyder, Joseph (F)

Snyder, William (F, from 118th PA)

Sourbeer, Amos (C, from 118th PA)

Speadman, Thomas (F)

Stackman, David (I)

Stahdler, Daniel (C, from 118th PA)

Stahl, Annanias (B)

Stahl, George (B)

Starner, Solomon (G)

Steele, James (K) (from 62nd PA)

Stine, Samuel (B)

Stineman, John (B) 21 Sep 64

Stineman, Thomas B (B) 21 Sep 64

Stokes, Valentine, Jr (G)

Stoner, Daniel (B)

Stotta, Frederick (K) (from 62nd PA)

Stoughton, Elisha (K) (from 62nd PA)

Stufft, Michael (G)

Swank, Noah (B)

Syford, Samuel (F)

Taggart, John (B)

Taylor, Henry (A)

Tewell, George (F)

Thomas, Judge (H)

Thompson, Isaac (B)

Topper, Jacob (A)

Tries, William (B)

Troutman, Jas (I)

Tucker, William (K) (from 62nd PA)

Turner, John (C, from 118th PA)

Unkert, William (D)

Walker, Charles (B)

Walker, Thomas (I)

Walter, George (G)

Wambold, Edward (G)

Weaver, Samuel (D)

Weaver, William (E)

Webb, Joseph (E)

Weber, Silas (G)

Weigel, Henry (B)

Weigle, Jeremiah (G)

Weiser, John (E)

Weller, William (B)

Wells, Edward (F, from 118th PA)

Wertz, Milton (G)

Whitaker, Joseph (G)

Wiegle, Henry (F)

Wilkerson, George (G)

Wilkins, Charles (G, from 118th PA)

Wisler, John (G)

Wright, James (C)

Yake, John (F)

Yeatts, Amos (F)

Yeatts, Charles (G)

Yeatts, Howard (G)

Young, Theodore (F, from 118th PA)

Zeber, Hezekiah (G)

Zinn, John (F)

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