91st PA--soldiers discharged when their term expired

Expiration of term


When did the term begin?

Whether the term of service began when the individual soldier was mustered into service, or when their company was mustered into service, was controversial. On 9 September 1864, Sellers asked that the general commanding the army decide, because the inconsistencies were unfair. In particular, he noted that James Gessler (C), who was (apparently) serving on detached service in Philadelphia, was discharged on 20 August 1864, while men who joined on the same day but were serving with the regiment would not be released until 20 September 1864. [letter, Sellers to Bennett, 9 September 1864]

Men discharged because their term expired

Various relevant orders and letters

letter, Sinex to Marvin, 30 December 1863, listing soldiers who were not willing to reenlist as veteran volunteers

men whose term expired before 25 Aug 64: in 91st PA 6 present and 11 absent; in co.L 62nd present: 1 officers, 26 men; absent 2 officers, 20 men; in co.M 62nd present 2 officers 18 men; absent 17 men (total present 3 officers 50 men, absent 2 officers 48 men) [letter, Lentz to Bennett, 19 Jul 64]

In Sellers' report of 16 Sep 64, 5 men had been discharged because their terms had expired [letter, Sellers to Tayman, 16 Sep 64].

No vacancies were likely to occur in October 1864 because of officers' terms' expiring [letter, Sellers to Laughlin [?], 17 Oct 64]; no officers were expected to leave because of expiration of term in November 1864 [letter, Sellers to McLaughlin, 8 Nov 64]

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